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Twelve Days Of Christmas

Proudly Lefebvrian



I read around that, by some, the adjective “Lefebvrian” is used as an insult. This is new to me; but hey, one lives and learns…

Feel free to insult me in this as much as you wish, on this site and on any other.

This site (and its author) are proudly Lefebvrian.

There are more and more sites like this one. They are, from what I can see, growing.

Insult away, Frankie & Co.

You will just make more people curious.


The Blessed Virgin And The Dirty Pope

For countless generations, Catholics have expressed in words their devotion to the Blessed Virgin; calling her, among other things, Virgin of Virgins, most pure, most chaste, inviolate, undefiled, and most faithful.

On the day following the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I struggle to remember one occasion in which the Unholy Father has encouraged girls and young women to take inspiration and strength from the Blessed Virgin to lead a life of chastity and purity. She who is, and has always been considered, the highest of her sex must, on reflection, stand for everything that the Pope hates.

On countless occasions Francis has shown what he thinks of those who lead an obvious Christian life. He has famously spoken against “excessive doctrinal security”. He has expressed his suspicion that those who are married in church and lead a good Chridtian life are “dead inside”.

One can reach, from all this, only one conclusion: that had Francis lived in the time of the Blessed Virgin he would have considered her a hypocrite, an insufferable bigot and, most probably, an outright fraud.

This without considering the “excessive doctrinal security”, which the Blessed Virgin possessed in the highest measure. How Francis would have hated, if he had lived in the same village, this most angelic woman, this very embodiment of purity and unshakeable Faith! He would have called her “dead inside”, for sure, and he would have thrown at her many of the vast collection of insults this man has directed at good Catholics; only with much more energy, because this particular “good Catholic” was so astonishingly good.

Dirty minds do not get purity. Sanctity is, to them, hypocrisy. The Unholy Father, who evidently has not recited the Litany of Loreto for very long and has long forgotten everything he might have learned about the Blessed Virgin, went so far as to even opine that the Blessed Virgin might have felt betrayed and deceived at the foot of the Cross.

“Virgin most faithful”? Not to Francis, for sure.

This Pope has a dirty mind. He lives in the middle of dirt, under the very roof of a notorious, scandalous homosexual. All his thoughts – and all his praise – go in that direction. The slum is his natural habitat; not, mind, because he wants to elevate the soul out of it; but because he enjoys the way the slum works and thinks. This is why he allows (or instructs) his priests to give communion to unmarried, adulterous slum dwellers, as if it was just bread. This is why he despises so much the orderly, prayerful, quietly Christian life of so many good Catholics.

This is why, make no mistake about that, one like him can only despise the Blessed Virgin, or consider her a hypocrite and a fraud; and also the reason why he tries to knock her down of her heavenly throne by making of her just an angry mother with a rebellious mind. The devil, when confronted with holy water, will instinctively and viscerally hate it, and he will tell you that it contains germs.

Dirty minds don't get sanctity and purity; when confronted with them, their reaction is indifference, slander, or contempt. Francis does not even begin to understand the Blessed Virgin. His dirty mind is of that kind that does not aspire to purity, but rather wants to dirty it.

I wonder if he ever recited once the Litany of Loreto, believing in what he was saying.




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