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Truth And Convenience

Francis shows how to deal with homosexual priests...

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (to us: TMAHICH) now says we “must find ways” to deal with the “unusual situation” of pervs in the family.

Your humble correspondent allows himself some observations, and some suggestions.

Homosexuality isn't new. Francis would know it, if he read the Bible every now and then. If he read it cum grano salis – which might be too much to ask – he would realise that the “pastoral approach”, the “finding ways”, the “charitable” attitude was, rather, the way used in Sodom. The rest of the world, however, never thought there were any “special ways” to be found, much less have they ever thought that perversion in one particular century be anything different than in any other one.

Why is it so? Because the sound Catholic world starts from the truth and lets the appropriate patterns of behaviour derive from it, rather than deciding first what they would want to say and then state that we must “find ways” to adapt reality to our wishful thinking.

The truth of the matter is that homosexuality is a sexual perversion, and the offences against God committed through it are among the very worst. That's it. No amount of pastoral-ing, Mercy-ing, Jesuit-ing and, in general, Francis-ing will ever change a iota of the truth.

The “pastoral” approach must, if it is to be truly pastoral, derive from truth, and from truth only. The mother and father of the homosexual person must be told what a hideous sin homosexuality is. They must be told that to die with mortal sins on one's soul assuredly leads to hell. They must be told that the homosexual who accepts his perversion as something normal – and the more so if he even acts upon his perversion, which very many do – is already in a state of grave rebellion to God. They must be told that they duty is in warning their wayward son or daughter about the fact that they are on the path to hell, pray for them intensely that they may find reason, not despair but also not encourage in the least such a perversion. They must also be told that to admonish the sinner is a work of mercy, and to encourage him in any way in his sin is the work of the devil.

How to act in the single situation should be left to the prudent judgment of the parents; always, though, bearing in mind that Jesus will not be fooled, and hell may well await those who call their complicity and convenience “prudence”. But it boggles the mind that in more Christian times women were, at times, thrown on the street for one act of fornication, and nowadays people who call themselves Christian discuss whether the partner in sodomy should be invited for Christmas. This is, truly, the kind of “charity” the inhabitants of Sodom would practice. I do not doubt most of them felt very holy, and very special.

Those who think that truth must be adapted to their problems put their convenience first and Christ not even second or third, but nowhere. May God have mercy on them and their disgraceful offspring, as they help each other on the way to hell.

What I am writing here is nothing more than what would have been considered obvious, too banal to waste time on, since Old Testament times and, obviously, since the dawn of Christianity. The very basics are being forgotten, because in the Age Of Stupid Popes convenience is the new religion, only this time it is falsely called “mercy”. When the Antichrist comes it will be, no doubt, an orgy of mercy.

Human nature does not change. Sexual perversion isn't any more new than gluttony or envy. The “solutions” to it can't be any different from the ones always applied. There's no way truth can be reshaped. The only thing that can be done – and rather easily – is to send oneself to hell in the attempt to do so.

In the last activity at least, Francis clearly leads the way.



The Rudderless Ship And The Clueless Helmsman

Interviewed about the recent affirmation of Cardinal Burke about the “rudderless ship”, Pope Francis has pretended not to know about it. Mind: he does understands some comments of the sort might have been made. It just did not occur to him that one of the (then) most powerful men in the Curia, a Cardinal and a voice heard the world over, would make them! Can't find the article anymore, but take it from me, this was the gist.

First of all, let us clear a very basic point. Of course he knows. Not one, but twenty people in his entourage have most certainly, most certainly informed him about it, even if he – which I do not believe in the least – does not search for news about himself on the Internet!

Once we have put ourselves firmly on the ground of reality, let us examine why the Pope would say something so absurd.

1. The first hypothesis is, of course, the insult. Burke is simply nowhere. No trace of him on the radar screen. “Cardinal…Who?” Francis might have meant the slight, and a brutal slight it would be. But I, who am so good and charitable, will try other avenues.

2. Francis has a tendency to remove bad news. One who can ignore the impending self-extinction of his own order and the abject failure of his work as seminary rector, bishop and archbishop can most certainly pretend he doesn't know about his own cardinals clearly calling him unfit for the job. “Oh, he said that? Yeah, right, I get it, one might think that. But come on, I am just furthering dialogue here…”

3. Francis is stupid. He says what he feels like saying. Unpleasant questions aren't really answered. That this gives the reader further confirmation that the ship is rudderless is either not understood, or considered utterly irrelevant. What is said today is of no relevance tomorrow. Heck, it's of no relevance today!


Still, TMAHICH is in a difficult position here. Whilst it is offensive or childish or outright stupid to deny he knows about Burke's statement, there are no satisfying answers to the underlying issue: because in fact the boat is rudderless; the confusion is there; the heresy is rampant!

Bergoglio can try to mask the mess as a sort of dialogue, but he can't deny the effects of his Pontificate on the Church. His ability to remove bad news does not go as far as that.

The ship is rudderless.

Not even the clueless helmsman has the gut to deny it.


O Little Town Of Betlehem

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