The Rudderless Ship And The Clueless Helmsman

Interviewed about the recent affirmation of Cardinal Burke about the “rudderless ship”, Pope Francis has pretended not to know about it. Mind: he does understands some comments of the sort might have been made. It just did not occur to him that one of the (then) most powerful men in the Curia, a Cardinal and a voice heard the world over, would make them! Can't find the article anymore, but take it from me, this was the gist.

First of all, let us clear a very basic point. Of course he knows. Not one, but twenty people in his entourage have most certainly, most certainly informed him about it, even if he – which I do not believe in the least – does not search for news about himself on the Internet!

Once we have put ourselves firmly on the ground of reality, let us examine why the Pope would say something so absurd.

1. The first hypothesis is, of course, the insult. Burke is simply nowhere. No trace of him on the radar screen. “Cardinal…Who?” Francis might have meant the slight, and a brutal slight it would be. But I, who am so good and charitable, will try other avenues.

2. Francis has a tendency to remove bad news. One who can ignore the impending self-extinction of his own order and the abject failure of his work as seminary rector, bishop and archbishop can most certainly pretend he doesn't know about his own cardinals clearly calling him unfit for the job. “Oh, he said that? Yeah, right, I get it, one might think that. But come on, I am just furthering dialogue here…”

3. Francis is stupid. He says what he feels like saying. Unpleasant questions aren't really answered. That this gives the reader further confirmation that the ship is rudderless is either not understood, or considered utterly irrelevant. What is said today is of no relevance tomorrow. Heck, it's of no relevance today!


Still, TMAHICH is in a difficult position here. Whilst it is offensive or childish or outright stupid to deny he knows about Burke's statement, there are no satisfying answers to the underlying issue: because in fact the boat is rudderless; the confusion is there; the heresy is rampant!

Bergoglio can try to mask the mess as a sort of dialogue, but he can't deny the effects of his Pontificate on the Church. His ability to remove bad news does not go as far as that.

The ship is rudderless.

Not even the clueless helmsman has the gut to deny it.


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  1. This “interview” underlines the Pope’s shamelessness.

  2. If it wasn’t in the Daily Mail sandwiched between stories about Elton John and Boy George, Frankie couldn’t have read about Cardinal Burke.

  3. When the bloke puporting to be Christ’s Vicar stinks like a rotten egg, no amount of equally stinky perfume is going to get rid of the egg.

    The rudderless ship has rather been no ship with no rudder since the Americans started pretending they could outdo sputnik. They couldn’t, they didn’t. The true ship, in my view, became a submarine. Why not? It can still surface in times of necessity (a soul who actually cares about truth).

  4. “Whilst it is offensive or childish or outright stupid to deny he knows about Burke’s statement..”

    You forget “dishonest”, Mundabor. Dishonest, like when he tells the same Argentinian journalist in most reasonable tones that, “hey, this is all a misunderstanding! No one even mentioned sodo-marriage at my Sinod – we just talked about families!”, while neglecting to mention that his filthy little paragraph on “accepting and valuing their homosexual orientation” (I bet he does) was given centre stage.

    Dishonest, like stapling this satanic material (rejected, praise God, by a small but sufficient number of Catholics in the room) to the back of the official and agreed text, promulgating it to the world from the chair of Peter, while telling the journalist that Catholics should calm down and look only at that official document: “they (worried Catholics) don’t read things properly.. they don´t read what the synod decided, what was published..” he lamented, quite possibly with a smirk.

    Dishonest, like astoundingly including reference to this heretical filth in the preparatory document for the new-and-improved-and-you-won’t-foil-us-this-time Round 2 of the Bergoglio and Baldisseri show next year, as if it were part of the official text and without any indication given that the offending material has been officially and licitly rejected by the synod and thus the Church,

    Dishonest. Like the father of lies.

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