Merry… What?

Pagans ask their colleagues what they will do for Christmas, and talk excitedly on their own plans.

Atheists proudly wear “Christmas jumpers”.

Pubs and Restaurants invite to book the “Christmas lunch” months in advance.

You receive cards with “Season's Greetings”. What on earth is this? Did you send me a card for the 21 of June?

Half of Christmas mentions have to do with stress: gifts to buy, things to do, traffic. And do you go anywhere on holiday for Christmas? They say Paris is so romantic this time of the year..

“Christmas Party” at work has become synonymous with drunkenness, or even debauchery.

Can't wait for TMAHICH telling us that “Christmas is social justice” or such unspeakable, secular, populist rubbish.

Christmas is disappearing from the radar screen as the roads become more congested by the year. It is becoming a thin varnish of no one knows what anymore. The very name is endangered, and the “winter tree” very probably upon us.

Our very own shepherds help in this. To them, Christ is a glorified “community organiser”, or a “life trainer”.



Say it again?

What am I going to do for Christmas?

I am going to Mass, ass….!



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  1. I hope you have a blessed Christmas. I wish you a ‘Merry Christ Mass’!


    Dear Mundabor,
    Besides going to Mass for Christmas, we may just sit back and enjoy this present from a true, Faithful Catholic, Cardinal Burke. We’ve been delivering it in various places on the internet, after finding it among the gifts on Radical Catholic’s blog. It’s one of the most extensive interviews we’ve ever seen done with him, and the questions are perfectly designed to elicit the answers we’ve all been craving to hear from our Shepherds, for quite some time now.
    Merry Christmas (a little early ). 🙂 🙂

  3. Well said,sir

    Give(proselytise) our Blessed Lord- the Gift that keeps on giving (Himself)

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