The Great Pretender

“Vatican insider” has an article about the way TMAHICH sees the Synod. The amount of lies and deception spitted in only one talk is impressive, even for a Jesuit. Let us see at least some of them, because time is a tyrant.

The Pope was never a guarantor of orthodoxy: not before or during the Synod, and obviously not now. He invited a discussion without taboos, which means he invited every possible heresy to be dished. He himself encouraged heresy, and let it known he sides with it, all the time since February 2014, with his “serene and profound theology” comment.

The Pope blatantly lies about the preliminary report being published, under his watch, without the bishops having even seen it.

The Pope pretends to forget a fundamental truth: that to protect the Church from heresy means not to allow heretical talk and action in any way, shape or form; not to allow it to be publicly discussed, much less praised as “theology on one’s knees”.

The Pope omits to tell you that he himself ordered the heretical parts of the preliminary report, rejected by the bishops, to be part of the “discussion papers” to be distributed the world over. A more blatant support for heresy cannot be imagined.

The Pope blames the press for creating a “sports team” environment; which is stupid after he himself has encouraged heresy to emerge. When heresy emerges, great strife ensues. He causes the chaos, then blames the press for reporting about it.

Francis is trying to put a spin on the mess he has created, and on the heresy he keeps promoting every day, by presenting himself as the good party chairman reassuring the basis that the party line will not be abandoned. But the Church is not a party, and discussions about the “church line” is exactly what he must not allow in any way, much less encourage.

What a sad, tragic figure this Pope is.


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