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I Saw Three Ships

Sydney Siege: We Get What We Deserve

And it came to pass an Islamist fanatic held more than two dozen people as a hostage before being killed himself, unfortunately not alone.

A well-known nutcase, the man was still very obviously a Muslim. A Muslim of the coherent sort, aka a nutcase. You would think some people would wake up and wonder what has gone wrong, how such people are allowed to get asylum, what kind of controls there are for them, under what circumstances are they are allowed to get citizenship or to remain in the Country indefinitely and what the consequences of this are, and what measures and sanctions are necessary to avoid tragedies like one.

Nothing of the sort. What happens instead? The usual tree-huggers and feel-gooders start a twitter campaign to “escort” a Muslims who feels oh so threatened in the land of all these violent Australians; who might otherwise, who knows, decapitate them? This utter madness does not cause hilarity and macabre jokes all over the Country. No. Even Fox News (who is supposed to be at least vaguely conservative)  reports the twitter tempest, though obviously not with the same relish of the Buggers Broadcasting Communism, who have done everything in their power to transform the story in one of pacific Muslims endangered by a mob existing only in their dreams. As if it took any civil courage to retweet something that is extremely unlikely to require anything from you, but that lets you feel good instantly and at no expense.

Let this madness take foot, and one day you will see one madman chasing himself in the air, and followed by a half dozen of his companions, butchering – oh, irony – those naive souls so ready to escort “frightened Muslims” home after the attack, and serving themselves to them on a silver plate. We are becoming so stupid that facts count only for the kind of emotional nonsense that can be made out of it.

We get what we deserve.


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