The Hermeneutic Of Catholicism.

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I fear that the ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ has become the preferred tool of well-meaning eggheads and not so well-meaning heretics, while the rest of us puzzle over what the Church truly teaches these days.

What we need today is clear and unambiguous teaching at all levels of the hierarchy that does not rely on hermeneutics, but rather relies on clarity, and shuns ambiguity. We need clarity with clearly demonstrated continuity in all communications.

Thus Pat Archbold in one of his very good reflections, in which he complains that good, solid, Catholic texts – like all the encyclicals before the dratted Council – do not need any “hermeneutic”, whilst the “hermeneutic” has now in some quarters become an excuse to deny the reality of texts that have little of Catholic in them. I fully agree, though perhaps I use the word in a different context. 

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  1. The supposed Hermeneutic Of Catholicism and continuity of VCII with the past did not, will not and never did contain the clarity and reverence to reap good fruits. Doctrine, discipline, sound catechesis, moral certitude and reverence were scattered to the four winds. The epicenter is the all but elimination of the bedrock of ‘No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church.’ This eternal certainty has been reduced to a meaningless formula for Salvation. The diverse private opinions of clerics and laity alike on Baptism of Blood, Baptism of Desire and Invincible ignorance in light of NSOCC is reflected in babel and lies about the truth of these teachings. When Father Leonard Feeney was thrown under the Ark the punishment of VCII began in full vigor. Catholics and the world deserve this punishment. This damage to the Church must be undone or there will be no return to the pre VCII Church that was One , Holy Catholic and Apostolic.

    George Brenner

    • Of course there can be salvation outside of the Church. St Cyprian’s slogan is a very useful tool, but it cannot be taken literally, nor was it ever.

      What is not said nowadays is that the slogan is useful to remind the faithful that it is perfectly foolish for them to presume an invincible ignorance that, in many cases, must just not be there; or a desire that is not real desire and does not amount to anything; or, worse than all, “having one’s heart in the right place”.



  2. A sane and sensible view. I had lamented for the first time to my family about the widespread heresies that plague the Church, the lousy modern catechesis and the all pervasive effeminacy of the VII Church. My triumphalistic proddie family began the usual argument for the Protestant Reformation…which only made me quite happy to point out the errors of that movement. As for Christians and Moslems worshipping the same god, I remind my RCIA instructors that Baal worshipers and Molech worshipers were also ‘monotheistic’.

  3. God Bless you, Cardinal Burke: Our prayers are with you on the sanctity of marriage.

    George Brenner

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