Another Day, Another Muslim Massacre

Ah, the religion of peace! Once again, the cult has kept faithful to its name, sending 141 people to their eternal, more or less peaceful rest. And you will notice that on the BBC it is difficult to find a separate count, so after reading several contributions on the Buggers' site I still don't know whether the final count of 141 includes the seven butchers, or not.

………….. Erm….


Wait… what am I saying?! How can I be so insensitive?! These continuous massacres, this climate of inhuman violence in several Muslim Countries should not let us believe that there be anything wrong with Islam! Perish the thought! You naughty Taliban boys, you! You will not manage to damage the image of Islam for us liberals, because we will always, always want to believe in your innate goodness! But we will certainly not allow any Christian to go after you, because we are sure that they are out there, in all the major cities of Europe, yearning to see your blood! May I accompany you home, Adbullah? You never know what kind of people you may encounter, with all these fanatical Christians around…

There. I have said it. I had a bad start, and I apologise for that. But now, I feel again a full member of the Liberal Idiot Society.

It feels so good, I will never stop.



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  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day, badly needed with the bad news about Obama, Pope Frankie, and Cuba. Saying many Hail Marys for you tonight with thanks!

  2. Dear M,
    Manuel II Palaiologos, -the Christian ruler quoted in the lecture given by Benedict XVI at Regensberg in 2006, said, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

    Benedict claimed he was only pointing out that we don’t need to use such harsh rhetoric as that, these days, (which caused a firestorm in the Muslim world, and threats to his life, of course) but it seems to us highly possible that his choosing to repeat those words was, an attempt to give them a fresh airing. He could just as easily have said -” we don’t need to use the harsher rhetoric of the past”.
    (according to wicki–) The quote he used appeared in the 7th of 26 “Dialogues” of 1391, held With “A Certain Persian: the Worthy Mouterizes”, in Anakara of Galatia, before the fall of Constantinople to the Muslim Ottoman Empire.
    “Show me what Muhammed brought that was new” translates well into “let’s isolate the novelties introduced by Mohammed into Christianity and Judaism when he “cut-and-pasted” them to make room for his “inspirations”. It’s easy to see why those who now decide NOT to remain lukewarm about being a true Muslim, end up truthfully classified as “terrorists” by those who witness their evildoing. But they are only behaving as all of Mohammed’s dedicated, passionate, and intellectually -honest followers should.

    Also of note– those 14th century leaders were attempting to “Dialogue” about Islam–just before they were conquered by it. Another historical lesson we failed to learn. And perhaps what Benedict was really trying to point out to the world, in his speech at Regensberg?

  3. We had a grisly murder here in Lancaster, PA, USA. The woman was murdered by a convert to Islam, although the press doesn’t indicate it. I found out from his facebook page. Look at that righteous beard on his face. He was clearly serious about his conversion. That’s no Amish beard. In Lancaster, whenever something like this happens, the usual social justice warriors all gather to make speeches and march against violence. They have been doing this for as long as I have lived here. The same tiny minority of social justice warriors are also hell-bent on importing Mohammedan hordes into our communities. Between calling the rest of us racists and marching against violence, they seem to be pretty busy.

    Here’s his facebook screenshots:

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