Sussex Carol

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  1. I knew that when they made such a big deal about this investigation of the crazy un-nuns that it would come to nothing. We’ve seen this happen before. All we get from this visitation business is a couple of years of caterwauling from the consecrated psychopaths and their allies and then a thorough liberal whitewash and we end up much worse off than we began, enemies emboldened, forces of decency in disarray. The thing to do would have been to lop off the heads of a few of the more notorious covens without warning, (kind of a Volpi for the good guys), hold a jolly press conference presenting evidence of their twisted and evil nature and, out of charity, burning at the stake being out of vogue this season, send the twisted sisters off to the Home for the Criminally Insane where they belong and will feel they are home at last. The others would soon get the message. As the Godfather so felicitously put it, “And then they will fear ;you.”

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