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God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

The Flour Of The Devil



Franciscan Flour


Whether out of incompetence, corruption, or sheer stupidity, the Order of the Franciscans find itself in a grave, “and I underscore grave” financial difficulty. 

Yours truly’s comment, charitably on time for the festive season:


Where I come from people say: la farina del diavolo va in crusca, or “the flour of the devil ends up becoming all bran” (this was, of course, before bran was discovered as magically alternative and so very healthy). 

A lot of flour has, apparently, just become bran, as another order is threatened with financial woes in addition to their slow disappearance.

I hope the Franciscans do not get one penny from sound Catholics. There will always be exceptions of course; but as an order, they are utterly rotten.

Let them rot, then. Life is cheap in the Argentinian slums.

Send them all there.  Let them do some real begging.

Francis will, no doubt, approve.

There will always be time to reconstruct the order from a sound basis, after these guerrilleros have died without vocations.

The FFI comes to mind.




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