Oculi Viderunt! Sedevacantism Recanted

It is with great pleasure that I announce you that blogger Quia Viderunt Oculi has posted on a blog called All Along The Watchtower a recantation of his Sedevacantist position.

Whenever something is deeply felt (like, say, our love for the Church), a great emotional investment is made; which, at times, leads to the wrong kind of investment. It is, then, as always in life, difficult to admit that a mistake was made, and it is better to cut the losses and ditch said investment.

Quia Viderunt Oculi has had the courage to recognise that this particular investment is untenable. Kudos to him for this, and I wish many bloggers of the “isn’t Francis wonderful?”-type had the same intellectual honestly and courage.

Search this blog for more information on why Sedevacantism is wrong, at least as I write this (in fact, Francis is so bad that he might, one day, precipitate a situation of vacant Sea; but not because I, or Quia Viderunt Oculi, say so).

Again, congratulations to Quia Viderunt Oculi, both for the right discernment and the honest confession of his mistake.

Francis is a dreadful, evil Pope. But he is the Pope nevertheless.


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  1. Thanks for the link. This can’t but help bolster hope that others close to us may have their eyes more fully opened too. There’s more rejoicing in heaven…

  2. Siscoe on the Remnant – his piece of March 2013 – is the most succinct and cogent essay I’ve seen recently regarding the necessity of a formal finding and declaration of heresy on the part of the pope by cardinals or bishops convened for that purpose, for a pope to cease being pope. For although, he may not have been even Catholic for a long time, internally, still the the retention of the office requires only that he is has not been declared a heretic by the bishops. The cardinals can also determine that they did not canonically elect a given pope.

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