Tim Cook, The IFag.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has made a personal donation of $8.5m to a faggot organisation parading as defenders of “human rights”.

For one who says he does not shout his faggotry, the man is certainly vocal enough. But what makes him most ridiculous is the fact that he blasphemes the Lord by saying that God, not himself with the help of Satan, made himself a pervert.

Never swallow the “made this way” lie, whether God is blasphemed or not. Sexual perversion is evil, and God does not want evil, He merely tolerates it.

God, in this case, tolerates the existence of this activist fag (who says he isn’t one; activist, I mean, not fag) in order for Christians to shine defending the Truth.

God allows the evil so that good may come out of it; sometimes in a more evident and immediate, sometimes in a less obviously evident, and sometimes in a mysterious manner. 


Unfortunately, the problem is more serious than just Mrs Cook personal donation preferences. Apple actively opposes Christianity. In particular, they oppose Christianity at its best: traditional Catholicism. An organisation that does not allow the app of the Traditional Latin Missal, or even of the Manhattan Declaration, on its phones is clearly run by the bitchiest fags and dykes around. Gift from God, my foot.

My suggestion is to stay away from Apple. Whilst we live in a corrupt world, other platform like Android do allow you to have the apps you want, and their open platform structure means that an app does not need to be sold by the Google Store in order for you to have it on your phone. On the contrary, Apple’s proprietary system allows them to decide, literally, what is installed on their phones, and they have abused this feature for ideological and perverted purposes for a long time now.

When the CEO of this company is such a queen, you know it can’t go well.

Next time the purchase of a device is on the shop list, I hope you will listen to my suggestion:

Ditch IFag. Choose Christ.


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  1. Dear M.
    You wrote:
    “My suggestion is to stay away from Apple.”

    Great advice-which would also have been very beneficial had you been around to give it earlier- in the Garden of Eden 🙂 🙂

  2. Sadly, it is becoming more and more difficult to know how much of our necessary things are tainted by these types of men. I would like to make a correction, however. You can get both the Breviary and the daily missal in Latin on your iPad or iPhone. These apps are called iBreviary, and iMassHD. iMassHD has a live EF Mass feature which streams the Mass to your device. Additionally, a popular app, Laudate, has a lot of excellent features, including prayers and the Holy Rosary in Latin. Biblium.is is a downloadable Vulgate Bible in Latin only, with the New Testament being in audio format. Each book is read aloud in excellent quality Latin, with each book preceded by Gregorian chant. We can use even the works of evil men to glorify God, in spite of their impotent rage and blasphemies.

    • I had IBreviary, but it was not what I was looking for. iMass HD must have come around after I sent Apple to hell, but I am glad to hear the app is available. I assume you are sure it is the EF and not the Novus Ordo in Latin (this was available already).

      If you search Rorate, they had a post about a 1962 Missal which Google immediately allowed, and Apple blocked on three or four four different hierarchy levels. When I switched to Android I got the app, it is called 1962 Missal and it is wonderful, it also has the 1962 Breviary and a lot more…


  3. Alternatives would include Jolla (in the EU), or Android, or a Linux (I like Fedora over Ubuntu, or #! if it is an old machine).

    The work machine is a Mac: however using it when travelling for work sent me back to an OS that is rational.

    And your analysis is spot on here, M: you have been tweeted.

  4. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Which apps were blocked? What was the reasoning? I tried searching the app store, but obviously, without that key information this article is a bit “lite.”

    All the best.

    • It is not possible to know the name of an app if the app has not been released. You can only know the content of the app. In this case, it was the Manhattan declaration, but again no exact name was given.

      As to the reasoning, Apple does not deign to give you their reasoning. They block an app through several instances, that’s it. We can infer that it is because they are a bunch of faggots (which it is, and they are), but they will not say openly so in order not to anger the Christian masses.

      Manipulation must be done in the light way, or it is not manipulation anymore.


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