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Gabriel’s Message

Remember Quito!

In this festive day, I know many of you will be having the same concerns that I have; the same ominous thoughts and dark premonitions as we see the Barque of Peter in the hands of the pirates.

It is not, it cannot be a truly serene Christmas when abortionist Proto-lesbian post-Christian nuns are declared fine specimens of Catholicism even as perfectly orthodox, thriving, vibrant orders are persecuted, and when the very Pope spits heresies every second day, and stupidities every single day.

It can never be a truly serene Christmas. If the Church is so afflicted, it cannot but have an effect on us. But on this day, I invite you to remember the Blessed Virgin of Quito.

The phase we are going through was the object of that particular apparition. In the same way as the Blessed Virgin warned us, she also gave us the priceless serenity of knowing that all this must not lead us to despair, or to doubt the Church's Indefectibility. This crisis comes announced from the highest places. It appeared exactly when it was announced, and it is unfolding before us exactly as it was predicted. If you believe in this apparition – as I do – then you must unavoidably believe all of it, including the fact that a moment will come when all seems lost; and who knows how long we will have to suffer before that moment comes! Motus in fine velocior, they say. It seems that this is happening, too.

We do not know when the madness will reach its zenith, and it would be very optimistic to think that it will be with Francis. We might have decades of suffering before us. But at some point, sanity will be restored. At that particular point, and not before. Our prayers can certainly help in mitigating the punishment, but the God-given, amply deserved just punishment will come anyway. Let us pray for a discount, but let us not expect a remission.

I love the Church. I hope I would be able, if tested, to die for Her. For this reason, the reassuring knowledge that all this is part of a plan allowed by God – certainly to punish us for our sins, but with the day of the restoration of sanity already written in heaven – is very consoling to me, a bit in the same way as the Blessed Virgin whispering to my ears that all this will have an end would be infinitely more consoling than simply knowing in abstract that it will be so.

Remember Quito. Never falter in your faith. Never doubt the Indefectibility of the Church. The Barque is in the hand of pirates, but she herself is unsinkable. The Pirates will damage her in every possible way, and many will be those who will throw themselves overboard. But we will stand fast, and wait for the end of the pirates' rule. Francis and his would be trembling now, if they were wise. But they aren't, so they don't. Still, to them will the phrase also apply: nil inultum remanebit.

Do not be afraid, then. Chase away your dark thoughts and your disquieting premonitions, and sink your teeth in the panettone with renewed zeal. Raise the glass with those you love and try as you can, for a few short days, to avoid being sad for this, well, persecution of Catholics by their own shepherds. Celebrate these days with the confidence of a proud Catholic, who knows that the war will be long and messy, but it is won already.

Remember Quito!

A very merry Christmas to you all and to those you love from your very sinful, but always affectionate war zone correspondent.




Our Lady Of Quito – Our Lady Of Good Success


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