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Queering The Church Some More


alarm bellAntonio Socci sounds the alarm concerning the Cardinals being rapidly appointed by Francis.

Now, the number of Cardinals who can be elected Pope will be still roughly limited to 120 (a number Francis has to power to modify, but has not done up to now). One could, therefore, not say Francis is being overzealous. On the other hand, he is being certainly attentive to appoint as many Cardinals as he can within the framework set up by his predecessors since Paul VI.

There is no doubt in my mind Francis does it in order to subvert the Church and make of it a dependency of his own Castroite ideology. There is also no doubt he will use the occasion a) to send signals about what must be done to advance one’s career, b) to reward some of his own minions, and c) to create a wall – as robust as possible – in case he feels like giving open battle in October. I also think he wants to help the homo lobby, with which he is now very evidently linked, in a sort of evil symbiosis, after their obvious help in having him elected Pope.

Socci, and others who fantasise an invalid election of Pope Francis -blithely forgetting papal elections aren’t nullified by administrative irregularities or even worse events like, say, open corruption (search this blog for more; the matter has been discussed ad abundantiam) – obviously poses the question of what will be of these red hats when Francis either kicks the bucket, or resigns.

The problem is, neither Socci nor his companions have an answer to this, because there is no way their appointments could be nullified, bar something huge – say: an ecumenical council declaring Francis heretic either during of after his pontificate -, in which case the nullification of the appointments would have to be traced back to the decision of such a council, not to the technicalities of the election.

We will see what the new names are. I trust the Lord that He will keep His promise of Church indefectibility. I am under the impression that Francis will not appoint exclusively utter bastards in the new position, because this would cause a massive backfiring and a compact wall of bishops against him at every possible occasion; rather, I think he will appoint a mixture of utter bastards, half bastards, garden variety yes-men, and a couple of orthodox ones to save the appearances and, of course, allow the Pollyannas to once again thank the Holy Ghost for the precious gift of this oh so wonderful Pope. The problem with this, from his perspective, is that many a yes-man and a number of half bastards might not hesitate one second to switch allegiance if, at the death of TMAHICH, the demand for a Catholic Pope should become a lion’s roar.

I do not believe these rumours and comments about a dying Pope, though he is the person I wish to see “six feet under” the most in the entire planet (nothing personal, of course; just trying to be a good Catholic who loves the Church infinitely more than this disgraceful clown). Francis’ references to him not being around in ten or so years’ time seem to me nothing but the coquette remarks of an old man fishing for compliments and wishes of good health, rather than the revelation of serious health problems.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and He can strike Bergoglio dead anytime; therefore, there’s no reason to examine at lenght every pound or three he gains or loses, or how strained his Jesuit face appears.

Francis is trying to queer the Church, and to make of it a more than vaguely Castroite social justice warriors’ machine. He will succeed to an extent. He might succeed to a great extent.But he is a fool if he thinks that he will succeed in the end.

He will, ultimately, fail; but not without great loss and devastation, and loss of souls.






The End Of The Swiss Guards?

"... and will you do something about the Guards, Frankie dear?..."

“… and will you do something about the Guards, Frankie dear?…”



The rumour is alive that The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) might be about to abolish the Swiss Guards altogether.

I am not sure this rumour has any basis. What I know is that this would be, if executed, very much like Francis: with one stroke, he would do a great favour to the army of sodomites walking around the Vatican – and able to go in and out without too many questions asked by inflexible Swiss soldiers – whilst at the same time looking as the simple, humble pope so allergic to pomp and circumstance.

In addition, you must know that the Swiss Guards are chosen among Swiss families of unquestionable Catholic tradition, and remain in charge only for a limited amount of time. It’s not that they are sent on the sidewalk, or consigned to destitution. The end of the institution would simply deprive them of a great honour and of a wonderful addition to their CV.

Of course, the Gendarmeria would remain. But these are professional policemen, with a family and a mortgage. They aren’t likely to pose too many questions about who goes in or out and, being Italian, they would most rapidly understand where the wind is blowing.

No, the problems of the fags are really the Swiss Guards, as we have seen already in the past (search this blog). In this perspective, it makes sense that the homos ask Francis what kind of useless pomp this one of the Guards is.

The problem is, though, that the Swiss Guards are a rather beloved Roman (in the broader sense) institution, the darlings of Romans and tourists alike. It is not only that they are only a part of the landscape; they are a part of the Roman heart; a bit like like the Corazzieri, the tall soldiers of a Carabinieri elite unit working as Presidential Guard. If, therefore, Francis were to just get rid of them, very many among the people would start to question what kind of mentality, and what kind of man, this is.

You see, when you make the calligraphers redundant (spare a prayer for the poor devils and their families if it really comes to that: unemployment in Rome is always a tragedy, but unemployment as a calligrapher must truly be a nightmare. I have not read any news about that, so I fear the worse) the general public does not really notice it. But when there are no Swiss Guards at the entrance, they notice it immediately.

Perhaps Francis will try some other solution that keeps both the people and the fags happy; like, say, suspending the Swiss Guard service at night so that they are “allowed to sleep”. Insert here some sugary story about how devastated Francis was at knowing about their long night watches in the cold and damp Roman nights, and Bob’s your uncle…

We shall see. There is no feat of which this Pope would be incapable of, if he were to think he has something to gain from it; and his behaviour suppressing the Vatican report on the homos abundantly shows he has protected them from day one in exchange for their help in his election

Francis is, if not an old homo himself, certainly a man of the homo lobby in the Vatican. He has already removed a commander guilty of being too “Swiss” with his own fags. It remains to see how far he will go.

A dark, dirty, lewd old man, this one. I am pretty sure his ideal of the Swiss Guards is like in the video below. So un-threatening, un-Swiss, and judgment-free…

O dear Pope Benedict, why have you been so gullible…





Bishop Bonny: Pervert Himself, Or Merely Accomplice?


Very possibly, Europe’s stinkiest latrine: Belgium.



The readers of this blog already know and despise Bishop Bonny, the bishop who thinks the ordination of priestesses “theologically difficult”.  But hey: let us not be discouraged.

The man is now at an important crossroads, as his boss is going to retire in 2015 and he would much like to become Archbishop. And this is a Belgian prelate, so the probability that he is a pervert is high anyway.

What does, then, Bishop Bonny Nancy do? He sniffs the air, feels that heresy is a very good tool to career advancement in 2015, and vomits an interview in which he not only approves of “civil partnerships” (enough to send him, if not repentant, to hell for sure when he dies), but he even demands a “formal recognition” for them. His words: 

“We have to look inside the church for a formal recognition of the relationality which is also present in many gay couples. As a variety of legal frameworks in society exist for partners, he wants to instate a diversity of recognition forms in the church.”

(the quotations are a bit of a mess, but the context is clear).

You will now ask: how can such a perverted mind, and very possibly a sodomite, be allowed to advance in such a way in the Catholic hierarchy?

Well, my friend, this is Belgium: the land of endemic child-screwing and legalised euthanasia! Is this not a man fitting for the hour? I have experienced something of this latrine very personally in Bruges.

More from Bishop Bonny:


Bonny […] believes that gay couples should be able to get a church blessing. Moreover, he argues that a homosexual relationship can also satify the criteria of a religious marriage. “The intrinsic values are more important to me than the institutional demand. The Christian ethic is based on lasting relationships where exclusivity, loyalty and care are central to each other.

There you have it: a perverted mind promoting the perverts. Most Protestants would not go as far as this gay bishop. Truly, Belgium is a pit of vice.

I wonder which generations, before ours, would have read such public declarations of a bishop without publicly questioning his heterosexuality. No, wait, I know the answer: not one.

We live in times of institutionalised perversion, very much at the heart of the Church. Times in which prelates are selected and promoted either in “virtue” of their being homosexual, or of catering to their needs and agenda.

If anyone can read what this gays bishop publicly states and not smell the pungent stink of hell I question his own heart, and wonder how much he has been perverted himself, in his own mind and outlook on life if not in his own sexual behaviour, by the mainstream cesspit that the Church has become in too many places; Belgium, most certainly, one of the stinkiest among them.

This is the Church in the times of Francis: an important appointment is up, let’s give an interview to help the leading lobby in the Vatican, and the sponsors of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH).

May bishop Bony and those like him repent as long as they have time, or go to hell as they richly deserve.


Bishop Bonny Openly Heretical, Feels very Cool.

Mundabor's Blog

My experience in Bruges is one of the most appalling Catholic events I have ever witnessed ( I assume here the Mass had sacramental validity, though I can’t be certain) and if you read that blog post (or this other one) you will certainly understand the Church in Belgium is in deep… trouble, and a local Church in deep trouble is almost certain to have very bad bishops.

We have now further confirmation of this, from an interview given from Bishop Bonny (you will remember him, perhaps, from this post).

Bonny seems to have two fixed ideas: 1) ordination of married man, and 2) letting you know he likes to flirt with the idea of priestesses.In the old post, he insisted on letting us know the idea of “priestesses” is “difficult” (You don’t say? Are you really sure?) . Today, he insists in letting us know Catholics in…

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