Bishop Bonny: Pervert Himself, Or Merely Accomplice?


Very possibly, Europe’s stinkiest latrine: Belgium.



The readers of this blog already know and despise Bishop Bonny, the bishop who thinks the ordination of priestesses “theologically difficult”.  But hey: let us not be discouraged.

The man is now at an important crossroads, as his boss is going to retire in 2015 and he would much like to become Archbishop. And this is a Belgian prelate, so the probability that he is a pervert is high anyway.

What does, then, Bishop Bonny Nancy do? He sniffs the air, feels that heresy is a very good tool to career advancement in 2015, and vomits an interview in which he not only approves of “civil partnerships” (enough to send him, if not repentant, to hell for sure when he dies), but he even demands a “formal recognition” for them. His words: 

“We have to look inside the church for a formal recognition of the relationality which is also present in many gay couples. As a variety of legal frameworks in society exist for partners, he wants to instate a diversity of recognition forms in the church.”

(the quotations are a bit of a mess, but the context is clear).

You will now ask: how can such a perverted mind, and very possibly a sodomite, be allowed to advance in such a way in the Catholic hierarchy?

Well, my friend, this is Belgium: the land of endemic child-screwing and legalised euthanasia! Is this not a man fitting for the hour? I have experienced something of this latrine very personally in Bruges.

More from Bishop Bonny:


Bonny […] believes that gay couples should be able to get a church blessing. Moreover, he argues that a homosexual relationship can also satify the criteria of a religious marriage. “The intrinsic values are more important to me than the institutional demand. The Christian ethic is based on lasting relationships where exclusivity, loyalty and care are central to each other.

There you have it: a perverted mind promoting the perverts. Most Protestants would not go as far as this gay bishop. Truly, Belgium is a pit of vice.

I wonder which generations, before ours, would have read such public declarations of a bishop without publicly questioning his heterosexuality. No, wait, I know the answer: not one.

We live in times of institutionalised perversion, very much at the heart of the Church. Times in which prelates are selected and promoted either in “virtue” of their being homosexual, or of catering to their needs and agenda.

If anyone can read what this gays bishop publicly states and not smell the pungent stink of hell I question his own heart, and wonder how much he has been perverted himself, in his own mind and outlook on life if not in his own sexual behaviour, by the mainstream cesspit that the Church has become in too many places; Belgium, most certainly, one of the stinkiest among them.

This is the Church in the times of Francis: an important appointment is up, let’s give an interview to help the leading lobby in the Vatican, and the sponsors of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH).

May bishop Bony and those like him repent as long as they have time, or go to hell as they richly deserve.


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  1. Bishop (don’t call me “Pope”) Francis has previously sacked several bishops. Will he sack this fellow for this anti-catholic rubbish? Of course not.

    As you note, he’ll probably promote him instead.

  2. The quotation attributed to Mgr Leonard is actually from Bonny. Leonard was investigated by the Belgian courts for calling homosexuality abnormal :

    • It would be unusual for a newspaper to attribute such a quote to the wrong person, though.

      The Wikipedia mention refers to 2007, when Benedict was Pope.

      Perhaps in the next hours the article linked to will be modified.


  3. Whilst your reporting upon my Bonny lying over the ocean (and most assuredly laying over many gay thresholds) is legitimate news, I regret that you have neglected the far more serious and consequential global warming reforms which Pope Fanny is preparing to deliver to the UN.

    Pope Fanny intends to impose his brand of Latino communism upon us evil capitalist gringo pigs. But more importantly, this move will consolidate his popularity and power amongst the secular Che’s of the world.

    We Catholics are so screwed. With Bergie & Obammer joined at their respective Alinsky swivel hips in their quest to reinvent Jesus as a cool gay tolerant metrosexual commie, their collective damage will continue for unabated for decades.

  4. Hi, this may look as, but is not off-topic. Mons.”Tucho” Fernández, rector of the Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires, dear friend of Bergoglio, swiftly appointed bishop by him soon after his disgraceful election, and main collaborator for “Evangelium Gaudie”, has written this astonishing book some years ago:

    Please let me know if you need a translation to English.

  5. Mundabor, thank you for the words regarding Leonard. I had been under the impression he was a conservative

  6. Dear M,
    A Fatima-website reminds us that:
    “The general Message of Fatima is not complicated.” “Its requests are for prayer, sacrifice, repentance, reparation, and abandonment of sin.”
    -Doable for those who believe in God, and want to show their love for Him.
    – But not so for people determined to justify feeding their lusts. Whether they know it or not, their god is a Satan-provided idol which they believe created them with abberant sexual desires meant to be acted upon and considered “good” by all.
    -So their “prayers” are for those falsehoods to be accepted as “true”; their “sacrifices” include bearing injustices and persecutions to which they feel believers like us subject them; and to them, “repentance, reparation and abandonment of sin” don’t apply to homosexual acts.
    Since they know they can’t change the words of dogma, which stand against them, they can only work to alter their traditionally understood meaning. That’s how “sins which cry out to God for vengeance”, in Sodom, came to be interpreted by them as “lack of hospitality”. No joke-that’s all over the internet, and promoted by “Catholic” priests.

    You obviously came back from your break ready to roll up your sleeves and battle-on 🙂 🙂 –along with St. Augustine who wrote: (Conf. III, 8):
    “Those foul offenses that are against nature should be everywhere and at all times detested and punished, such as were those of the people of Sodom, which should all nations commit, they should all stand guilty of the same crime, by the law of God, which hath not so made men that they should so abuse one another. For even that very intercourse which should be between God and us is violated, when that same nature, of which He is the author, is polluted by the perversity of lust.”

  7. It’s not the “the process” is corrupt, and I cannot see how curial employees and prelates without real decision powers (the vast majority of them) can be made responsible for that. It’s the people who are corrupt. The local episcopal conferences who propose the people protected by the local mafia, and the Popes and their close helpers in the Vatican, are the main agents of corruption.

    It’s not the process that must be fixed, but the priests.


  8. Dear M,
    Since you’re playing “catchup” on the news, -this is probably THE scariest thing we’ve seen announced our lifetimes (rivaled by a few others like- the international Human-Brain study, black-hole creation in a lab, and sound-wave weapons).

    To keep the money rolling in for the experiments, they’re touting it, of course, as potentially providing a cure for cancer. If this isn’t playing God, we don’t know what is. We may not have to worry about an October 2015 synod. The fires predicted by Akita are already long overdue, and at some point God is going to have to say “enough.”
    ” .. unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved” (Matthew 24:22)

  9. Will it be Cardinal Bonny in a few weeks?

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