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Pope Francis, The Environ-Mentalist






Dalai Francis

Dalai Francis

I was a child in the late Sixties/early Seventies, and the world was already nearing a global catastrophe. Or so the Leftists said.

Oil was about to be depleted. The global cooling (you have read correctly) was a very big issue. We were too wasteful, too superficial, too self-centred. We were destroying the Amazonian Forest. We weren’t as wise as the Chinese and Russians, who refused “consumerism”. We were too many, all four billion of us. Soon there would be no place anymore for all of us. Not enough to eat, see. Terrible wars would ensue.

 As I grew up, it went on. Nuclear power plants would soon kill us all. The German forests were clearly dying. The Polar Bear was almost no more. The oil reserves were still about to be depleted. It was, clearly, all our fault. Particularly because Ronald Reagan wanted to kill everyone is a nuclear holocaust.

 AIDS came, and soon it was phantasised as a global threat, when those who were threatened were, largely, perverts. Doesn’t mind. The scaremongering soon attracted more money for fag research than for cancer research. AIDS became the New Deal of an entire generation of bogus scientists looking for research money, tenures, fame, and women. We were still very bad.

The Nineties came, and with them new global, or regional, scares: “Mad Cow” would, obviously, cause millions to die prematurely, and if you had eaten liver sausage for the past two decades a will was a very sensible idea. Polar bears were, inexplicably, still almost-but-not-quite extinct, but the Amazonian forest was now dying really fast, exciting tree huggers to a paroxysm. The Amazonian forest produces, they say, 20% of the world’s oxygen, so you can prepare so say farewell to jogging, swimming, bicycling. Sorry, mate. This is where Capitalism has led you. The ozone layer was also about to be destroyed, and the Australians were all in a frenzy. No dying in your own bed for you. Skin cancer will take care of that. Ah, we must be paying for our sins…

In Germany, the frenzy was followed with typical German, reckless abandon. Two extremely cold winters ensued. Germany and Europe forgot all about it. Waiting for the next scare.

Pope Lama

Pope Lama

 The second wave of anti-Capitalist global warming mania exploded between 2006 and 2008, and has suffered a massive setback since 2009; but everyone who hates the West cannot be persuaded to let it go. They think they are still in with a chance.


 Because a world that has forgotten God has become so unspeakably stupid that it believes that God’s creation is as fragile as an antique vase, and it is ready to be shattered in thousand pieces unless you do what Francis – and other revolutionaries subversives  – tell you to do, all the time.

And no, yours is not to reason why. Ipse dixit. Shut up.

 They do not believe in God, Francis and the other revolutionary subversives. But one thing they do: they hate the West. All of them. They will use every excuse to tell you how bad you are, how wrong your way of living is, how selfish and materialistic your “mode of production” (commie speak at its best, peddled to us at school as if it were something wise) always will be.

Look at the prostitutes in the slums of Buenos Aires instead. Look at the children born out-of-wedlock; look at the corruption, the misery, the brutish godless world always engendered by abject poverty unwilling to improve, or to seriously pray, much less afraid of damnation. There is the virtue, my boy.

Smell like a sheep. It will do you good. Look at our Pope, the stinkiest of them all.

This revolutionary, subversive mentality changes global scare like you change a car, every so and so many years. Whenever one scare is exposed, a new one is invented. But the war is always the same, and it is fought always by the same revolutionary prophets of doom. These prophets of dooms hate the West, they hate Christianity, and they hate you. Francis is now making a bid to become their worldwide leader.

To the anti-Capitalist rhetoric of “inequality”, Francis is about to add the other anti-Capitalist rhetoric of Environ-Mentalism. As always, he will go into this head on, like a stupid child, either too arrogant and stupid to understand his own immense arrogance and stupidity or, more likely, confident that his role as Pope will allow him to get away with pretty much everything that does not imply denying dogmas or the Sacraments.

Perhaps he has decided that the war for the communion for adulterers is not to be won, and his all-important image must therefore be polished in another way. Perhaps he is just so drunk on himself that he doesn’t think of anything until he smashes his nose against a wall, as in October. Perhaps he is just hugely stupid in that arrogant, Castroite, atheist way of his.

And where is Christianity in all this? Where are sin, repentance, salvation, damnation? What does this man do to further one aspect of Catholicism? In what is every word he says different from what every idiot – or the Dalai Lama, which is the same – could say?

Francis is shoving down your throat a new religion in which a fantasy Christ is but a prop to his socialist and environ-mentalist madness. He does not believe in the message of the Gospel, and he does not want you to believe in it. He is the bearer of a new gospel, that he is smuggling into your own house and family under a bad disguise of the old one; a fake like a cheap Chinese knockoff pretending to be the real thing and peddled by illegal immigrants on the sidewalks of Rome, for those stupid enough to think that buying the lie will give them a whiff of the truth.

Francis is the illegal immigrant selling you the fake Gospel. He hates you, your morals and your prayers, your fear of the Lord and your faith. He hates your respectability more than anything else. He also hates the doers, the risk-takers, the hard workers, the pioneers, the tough men and women who, all together in their own way, built the wonderful Christian, Western Civilisation of ours. He hates the Capitalism that produces amazing wealth, because it is intolerable to his petty, envious mind that some may have – much less inherit – more than others. He cannot stomach that some are smart and some dumb, some industrious and some lazy, some tenacious and some quitters; he hates that some are huge gamblers, and at time their gamble pays huge dividends; and that some are just fortunate, and may God bless them too. If Francis can stomach it, he can’t stomach that their good fortune – or the fruit of their labour – is not taken away from them; because in his petty, envious world everyone must be a loser so that there are no winners. Francis is the kind of person who would complain of “inequality” in Connecticut – one of the richest States in the US and, therefore, one of the richest corners of the planet – because of the many billionaires who live there, making in many ways life easier for all the others.

This is the source – beside a boundless personal vanity – of Francis social and environ-mental concerns; concerns that are typical of those who do not believe, and most evident in him who does not believe at all.

There is nothing that Francis would not sell you to further his anti-Western, anti-Catholic, anti-morality agenda. In 2015 it will be poverty and global warming; but it could be AIDS and global cooling, Mad Cow disease, the end of oil extraction, the extinction of the baby seal or the Polar Bear, or the cutting down of the Amazonian forest: every rubbish would be equally good to sell you his agenda.

As always, there will be many takers: the losers, the envious, the lazy asses, the Pollyannas, the alternatives of all sorts, the perverts, and the outright stupid. Francis’ audience from day one.

I smile already at seeing how much this enviro-moron in white will cover himself in ridicule if he dares to, as reported, dedicate no less than an encyclical letter to Environ-Mentalism; thus childishly trying to play Leo XIII as he consigns himself to public mockery for all centuries to come. He will be made into little pieces, ridiculed by everyone with a brain in front of everyone with a brain; not very many, perhaps, but enough to destroy this other dream of greatness of this petty, old, vain man. If the Synod has shown anything is that the world is, as I write, not quite as rotten yet as Francis believes. With his encyclical Francis would, very probably, explode a hand grenade in his own Ford Focus.

He should try with the encyclical if he feels like it. Let’s see what good it does to him. I am reminded – as, probably, many of you – of “dirty Harry’s” words in the movie:

Go ahead.

Make my day.















Wordly Is As Wordly Preaches


Forrest Gump did not have any problem in getting what Francis is all about...

Forrest Gump did not have any problem in getting what Francis is all about…

Pope Francis has made his own Christmas Banality Festival Address. An article reporting about it is here. Let us see the main features of the man’s performance.

1) Sin, Fall, Hell, Judgment, in one word: the Catholic stuff is completely absent. Francis’ speech could have been made by Obama, Mrs Merkel, or anyone else you care to mention. Clearly, Francis sees himself at the head of a Good Deeds Society in which the fundamental drama of the human condition – our sinfulness, and whether each and everyone of us will go to hell – does not play a role, and worldly concerns are not a corollary of the main message, but the message itself.

2) Poppycock galore: “there are so many tears this Christmas”. It’s a vast place, Frankie boy. It would be good if you spent a word or three about Islamist fanaticism, rather than generically whine about the “tears”, though.

3) Propaganda orgy: even Christian refugees are not safe from the dratted phone calls of this clown. Again: he is ready to spend some well-publicised words i favour of ISIS-refugees. Why they are in the situation, he does not stress at all. Hey, he implies it’s the Americans who practice state terrorism instead.

4) Populism festival: the Western world is immersed in indifference. The Pope who can’t speak about the four last things isn’t.

5) More banalities: What does the world need? “Tenderness?” Eh? 90% of Christians couldn’t recite the Ten Commandments to save their own life, and the world needs… tenderness? This is so gay, even Ricca will be disgusted.

I have not touched about the Enviro-Pope yet.

It’s difficult to keep up with the madness.



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