Don’t Wait For Me, Argentina!

Francis had just decided he would stick to the wheelchairs instead...

As every year, there is a longish Christmas pause in Italian football. This pause is, like every year, used by South American footballers to go back to countries like Chile, Uruguay, Brazil or, well, Argentina.

They stay there more or less quiet for a couple of weeks; try not to eat too much; greet all parents and relatives; and in January, when the time has come, reluctantly or very reluctantly board the plane to Italy. Some take every excuse to come back later, in fact, causing some Lío behind the very heavy desks of their employers.

It seems to me that another Argentinian could have done the same. Let the vescovo vicario, or whoever it is the protocol calls for, celebrate all the masses for you.

Defy conventions.

Stun the world.

Fly to Argentina.

Spend Christmas in the slum, among the dirt and the rats. Sleep in a barrack. Dance the tango with the local prostitutes. Call all the TV stations to immortalise the Great Event.

Come on. Beats a wheelchair every day. So populist-christmasy. Unto us a hero is born. The First Castroite. Deck the Halls With Bags Of Dope….

Just sayin'.

Personally, I would not want anyone to think it's easy to get accustomed to the humble luxury of … an entire hotel floor. L'albergo e' grande, la gente mormora…. (you should learn Italian… no: you really should…).

Again, just my humble opinion. A lost occasion, I think, for first-class, ground-breaking, media-shattering Attention Whoring. Albeit, it must be said, at the cost of substituting the Humble Hotel Floor for the rats and the dirt for a couple of weeks, day and night.

Which, perhaps, it's all there is to say about the matter.



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  1. Honestly, why not? He’s already indicated that he can’t bear to visit Castel Gandolfo, which is why he’s opened the grounds to the public to come and roast wieners and play football, since he has no use for it. (It’s going to be hard for the any future pope to use it for a summer vacation, as it’ll mean telling people that they’re kicked out again, and won’t THAT look hard-hearted compared to Francis the Generous!) So why doesn’t he take his show on the road? Cost? Surely his newspaper vendor has a fold-out couch in the living room where His Humbleness would be welcome to bunk!

  2. We should start a collection to pay for the trip including even the coffin with soil from the Castle Bergoglio he can’t travel without. One way, of course.

  3. Francis would much rather appear, than enjoy life as any human being should. Too worried about appearance.

    On a second, partially related note, can’t wait for Serie A to come back, miss my Lazio! 🙂

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