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2015: A Call To Action

If 2014 was, in Church matters, rather akin to 1914, 2015 might well end up resembling 1915 if Francis decides to go for the all-out confrontation in matters of, ahem, pastoral sacrilege. An hypothesis, this, which I consider not very probable, but certainly possible.

There isn’t much we humble pewsitters can do individually to counter this. Collectively, though, we are the ones who will shape the image, and therefore to a good extent the effectiveness, of this diabolical papacy.

You would not be led in moral matters by a child, or by a lunatic, or even by an old crank. Nor would anyone you know. Therefore, the best way to counter Pope Francis’ disgraceful papacy is to expose him for the man he is: an old, lewd man completely deprived not only of Catholicism, but of decency.

When Francis is widely perceived in this way we will have gone a long way in at least limiting the damage, as more and more people discount whatever bollocks he says and more or less silently wait for him to remove himself, or be removed from Above, from the office.

Therefore, I cannot strongly enough encourage every of my readers in taking part of this meritorious work of daily demolition of this disgrace, and of the mentality he represents. Your daily work in the family, with friends, in the office does give a contribution, does change the perception. The concerns of a serious and respected Catholic – as I am sure most of my readers are – are certainly noticed by those – Catholic or not, and Christian or not – in his sphere of influence. If this serious Catholic utters a devastating condemnation of the man, you can be sure this will leave a permanent mark on those same people’s perception of Francis, because the criticism will most clearly echo the strangeness of the message they get from the Vatican. Your average Joe Proddie (or Joe Heathen, or Joe Atheist) will be wondering already when he hears Francis’ novel message; but he will have no doubts anymore when those in the know confirm their impression.

We can, all of us, influence dozens of people. Not make of them Catholics or fervent Traditionalists, of course; but certainly be of great importance in shaping the perception of Francis in their mind; so that when they hear about the next heap of rubbish Francis has generated they will rapidly discount it, knowing that Francis is ridiculed by his very own.

I have said it often, and I repeat it now: if you love and respect the Papacy and the Church, you must perforce loathe and despise this disgraceful tool of Lucifer. Conversely, by destroying the credibility of this old, lewd, megalomaniac Castroite you do the Church and the Papacy a service. You can’t be on both sides more than you could be a Reaganite Bolshevik. You are either with Francis, or with Christ.

Do not delude yourself into thinking that you can sit on the fence. You can’t be “with Francis against the persecution of the FFI”, because Francis is the persecutor of the FFI! Be, rather, against Francis every time he does or say something stupid (which is: every day), and against Francis’ mentality and outlook even when he shuts up (which is: very rarely).

This Papacy must be demolished. A huge Catholic hammer must descend on its genitals at great speed, and leave dust behind. As the Catholic criticism mounts, non-Catholics will run to the protection of the Pope from the attacks of… sound Catholics, and more people will open their eyes.

We can all do our part. We can, again, contribute in the shaping of the perception, which in turn will heavily influence the effectiveness of Francis’ work. You can’t be considered a nincompoop and a great leader at the same time. Not even if you are Pope.

This Pope must be reduced to an embarrassment even the Press wishes it would end soon; a pathetic clown inviting bystanders to a circus show in which only some freaks have any interest; a walking cautionary tale about the dangers of looking for popularity at the cost of truth.

For 2015, get into the fray, and join the growing number of those who have understood what kind of man Francis is, and say it out loud.

Say it out loud. It’s either Francis’ ideology, or Catholicism.




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