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The “Francis Effect” In Figures

The Vatican Radio internet site informs us that during 2014 the number of Catholics has increased more than 15 million in 2014. That’s around one Sweden and a half. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Not really.

Firstly and most evidently, the growth has not kept pace with the growth of the world population, and the percentage of Catholic has actually sunk from 17.50% to 17.49%; this may not sound like much, but it tells the huge lie about the “Francis effect”, now resembling a boomerang more and more. It tells, very clearly, that under Francis the Church is stagnating or shrinking as a global phenomenon.

Secondly, and most tragically, it appears obvious that many of these Catholics have or are destined to have only the thinnest varnish of Catholicism; this is unavoidable in continents in which priests are sent by their archbishop to desecrate the Eucharist, and their archbishop becomes the Pope, but is more or less endemic. Asked what it means to be a Catholic rather than a Lutheran, I fear at least 90% of Western Catholics (including South America) would answer with a frozen smile, and not one word.

This is most evident in the tell-tale of a growing number of Catholics in “the Americas”. We aren’t told about, specifically, Brazil and  Argentina, but as it is well-known that Catholicism over there is losing terrain fast. Therefore, every possible gain in numerical term can only be the result of a purely cultural reflex, with the newly born very much at risk of leaving the Church in later years, as per the very evident trend already observed for many years now.

Catholicism is in a great crisis, and not even the numbers can now hide from this fact. Francis provide traction only to atheists and protestants fishing from poorly instructed Catholics, shocked by The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH). We are going south, and we are going south fast. 1,375 priests less than last year in Europe, “once again” the largest decrease, and as this is a photograph at a point in time you can be assured this is net of the influx from other continents. Europe is hemorrhaging priests, and the worst is that one does not even know if, seen the quality of said priests, this is bad news at all.

There is a Francis effect. It can be called indifference, dissatisfaction, shock, and scandal, as the Pope keeps promoting everything and everyone but Catholicism. It is sad, but salutary, that even worldwide figures now start unavoidably telling the tale o this fraud on a planetary scale.









Recently At The Pearly Gates

A former Governor has just died.

He presents himself full of hope at the Pearly Gates, and demands admission.

The gates remain closed.

He knocks and knocks. Feebly at the start, then louder, then furiously.

A big voice thunders from inside:

“I was personally opposed to leave you out. But I thought that on the issue I should be pro choice.

You have made your choice”.

The gates remain closed.

The man is dragged down, down, down….

I wasn’t there, of course.

Just sayin’

But boy, the thought is chilling…


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