The Preservation Of The World


Help! It's Dying!

Help! She is Dying!

From Ludwig Ott’s “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma”, some snippets either written from the author of citing other sources.

 “God, by His Providence, protects all that He has created”.

“If His Providence did not preserve all things with the same power with which they were created in the beginning they would fall back into nothingness immediately”.

“St Thomas points out that the preservation of creation is really a continuation of the creative activity of God”.

It is obvious that mankind has the duty to treat God’s gift with due respect. It is only natural that a sound care for the environment is not only common sense, but one of the ways in which we respect Creation and honour its Creator.

But the statements above make one thing abundantly clear: the planet is not for men to destroy. This power is simply not given to them. Not only this, but God is continuously at work to preserve the existence of the universe; a universe which would instantly cease to exist, if the preservation of its existence were to cease for only one moment.


Only a heathen or atheist world can come to the conclusion that Creation may be at the mercy of the creature, rather than being in the sole disposition of the Creator. Conversely, the heathen and atheist world obsesses about the oh so horrible catastrophes decades down the line, without a thought for the most sobering reflection that, actually, every moment could be the last moment anyway, without having to wait for any of Al Gore very lucrative fantasies.

This is just another reflection of the arrogance of a world that thinks that we are gods, and can therefore shape the destiny of planets. Only a person who does not believe in God, or has never stopped to reflect what it means to believe in God, may come to such a level of stupid gullibility as to believe that a natural element like Co2 may devastate the planet and, more stupidly still, believe that it be in the power of humans to devastate the Planet with a perfectly non-polluting element like Co2. Compared to these people, witch hunters were actually rather enlightened spirits.

Atheism is madness. It leads to all sorts of superstitions. It makes people lose the most elementary coordinates of sane thinking. It introduces them to a fantasy world made of ghosts, and leads them to deliver all their economic system and way of life to the very ghosts their godless or heathenish superstition has created.

The worldwide leader of this godless, superstitious, at the same time presumptuous and hysterical crowd  dresses in white, and his name is Francis.



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  1. “All the days of the earth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer, winter, night and day, shall not cease. The superstitious idiots who believe the earth can be so easily destroyed ought to read Genesis 8:22 and stop being a bunch of Nancy boys.

  2. It is so easy for modern Western people to be led astray by the wackiness of Gore and his ilk! We have been groomed to be ‘understanding’ of every and any opinion, and so when it is stated by a government or religious figure, of course it must be real! It is imperative that people disengage from modern ‘thought’ processes and learn to think logically. And more important, think like a Catholic. I speak as one who spent my early university years lapping up the nonsense, all the while thinking I was an enlightened Catholic thinker. I did not know how or what to think!

    I thank you for your clarity. I’m old-ish now and grateful that I caught on rather early to the game after a rather harsh awakening, but I am hopeful that some will hear you and other thoughtful writers and avoid some of the traps that led me and others off track in the 70s and beyond.

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