Ars Orandi: An Appeal

ars orandi

Some time has elapsed and I still pine the loss of the beautiful blog, “Ars Orandi”. In this particular case, the loss is made more acute by the seemingly senseless rant with which the author of that worthy blog decided to put an end to it.

I have wondered at times what Mr Werling’s sentiments are now; whether he is still persuaded that he has done the right thing, or whether he has perhaps come to realise his decision was rash, and his words to justify it the fruit of a state of heightened stress and lack of proper reflection.

It may even been that Mr Werling was, at the time, fully persuaded of what he was doing – and writing – but that he has in the meantime come to the conclusion that both the decision and the attitude were wrong.

I know that some of my readers will be tempted to comment on this blog with statements on the lines of: “his decision, and his problem”, “the bed he made”, “faber est suae quisque fortunae”, etc. But the Good Lord made me an optimist, and I cannot avoid hoping that, in the meantime, the man may have reached a different conclusion about the merit of his decision.

In this beginning of the year, the period when many look at the past and make proposals for the future, perhaps Mr Werling is seriously reflecting – or he is beginning to reflect – whether a comeback, with an explanation of the thinking process behind it, would not be the thing to do.

If this is the case, and if Mr Werling chances to read this blog – which would be an encouraging sign already, I allow myself to add – I would like to assure him that I would be an affectionate reader of his effort again, and there would be no recriminations or accusations at least from my part and, hopefully, from many of my readers.

We all make mistakes. We live and learn, and grow to discern them. I have lost count of the times I have cried bitter tears of shame and regret at thinking at what my outlook on life was, before my re-discovery of the True Church. A re-discovery which I owe firstly to God’s grace, and secondly to the London Oratorians, who introduced me to a coherent, truthful, solemn, profoundly devout but at the same time muscular, manly Catholicism I did not even know it still existed; and at the core of all this, to a Traditional Liturgy whose beauty and spiritual profoundness takes my breath away every time.

My little effort is the fruit of the desire to – after adjusting for my own particular character and inclinations – put out there in the world the same spirit, introducing Catholics to – or reinforcing them in – that truthful, solemn, muscular, manly Catholicism they might not have easy access to.

Mr Werling’s blog was, in my eyes, exactly the same. I am sure that it benefited greatly other people as it did me. I am here mourning its loss after almost two years, which in fact should say enough on the matter.

If Mr Werling ever reads this blog, I hope he will examine to prayer to reconsider. Best wishes to him and his family in any case.



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  1. I backed away from my own Traditional blog a while back and had not realized Ars Orandi had been deactivated. This makes me very sad. When I was reverting to the Church (2011), David Werling and I exchanged numerous emails in which we was very compassionate and pastoral, very concerned and involved with my spiritual path back into the Faith. I will always remember him as one of the most influential people in guiding me back to the Church of Tradition, the True Church. David, if you read this, I can only say “THANK YOU”, and I urge you to get back in the game to which God has blessed you with abundant coaching skills. +

  2. Hear hear! I miss Ars Orandi too, and would heartily welcome its return.

  3. You’re no slouch, yourself, Sir. +

  4. M.,
    Though I’ve never read Ars O., your and the commenter’s statements give me a strong sense of loss. Our Lady of Akita and Quito, as did Sr. Lucia of Fatima, stated that the Devil will especially attack consecrated souls. I believe this also applies to any soul who raises their head above the fray to point the way to the Truth. For example, after making such a moving production, The Passion of the Christ, Mel G. would be involved in such public scandals.
    It seems it’s due to diabolic disorientation for Mr. Werling to be able to state …“all of this and more, including my personal construction of “traditional Catholicism”, had turned me into an incredibly ugly person”.
    In this time of distress may we redouble our prayers for the consecrated souls and also the bloggers who continuously sacrifice in their proselytizing endeavors to bring all to Christ. And pray hard too for the prodigals, for it says in 2nd Peter, chapter 2, “For if, flying from the pollutions of the world, through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they be again entangled in them and overcome: their latter state is become unto them worse than the former.”
    God bless you Mundy, and battle on. An extra Ave for you.

    • Well, I do not know whether to be pleased or terrified…
      I honestly do not think that my little effort, proud as I am of it, attracts special attentions from any demon, and hope it remains this way. I am but a drop in the ocean, though a rather talkative one.
      But seriously, if I had the well-founded fear that my blogging is about to make my salvation more difficult I would instantly stop blogging without hesitation, then I always thought that charity begins at home and my own salvation is actually rather important to me…
      Mind, this does not mean that I or Mr Werling are incredibly ugly persons. It simply means that I see this blog as a deposit on my Salvation Saving Account. If the account were to become a liability rather than an asset, it woull be closed without hesitation.

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