Cardinal Marx Should Be Defrocked


Once-Catholic (hopefully, at least) Cardinal Marx is on record with the following words:

“Luther did not aim to split the Church, but, with his calls to reform, wished to draw attention to grievances that obscured the message of the Gospel,”


“After 50 years of joint ecumenical dialogue, it is possible for a Catholic Christian to read Luther’s texts appreciatively, and to learn from his thoughts.”

The first statement cannot be the fruit of crass ignorance. It must be willed deception. Luther was not simply a reformer. He was a heretic. His home-made theology was at variance with the Church, and led countless in the same pit of error and probable perdition. To say that a heretic merely wants to “draw attention” to “grievances” is pure deception. I do not need to tell you what the Cardinal’s motivation is: the Kirchensteuer, and the resulting need to be mainstream, accepting of everything, ecu-maniacal, and simply wrong.

The second statement is just as interesting in its evil intent. To read from a Cardinal that it is possible to read the texts of the possibly worst Heresiarch ever appreciatively, and learn from his thoughts, is even worse than to say that it is possible for a Catholic Christian to read Mein Kampf appreciatively, and learn from Hitler’s thoughts; because whilst Luther hasn’t willingly staged a Holocaust, the devastation he has created, and the loss of souls he has enabled, vastly exceed the limited genocide, of limited human bodies, staged by Hitler. 

Cardinal Marx should be defrocked. Not only he is useless as a priest; he is outright dangerous in even willingly inviting his own sheep to delve into in heresy and learn from it, at the same time downplaying the very heresy as a “call to reform”.

One thing the Cardinal should learn from Luther: to state openly that he is a heretic. I doubt we will see such a step from him.

The year 2017 – with the resulting “celebration” of the Heresiarch – is rapidly approaching.

One wonders how the Church in Germany will survive it.


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  1. It’s typical if the modern day church. They never say anything that could be considered negative. I read that he is still rather young and will take part in any Conclave till the year 2033. Lord deliver us from Cardinals who ain’t Catholic

  2. In 1883, Sister Maria Serafina Micheli (1849-1911), who was the founder of the Institute of the Sisters of the Angels, happened to be passing through Eisleben in Saxony, Luther’s birthplace. The day happened to be the fourth centenary of the birth of this heretic, who divided Europe and Christianity. The occasion was being joyfully celebrated by most people in the town and the Kaiser himself was in attendance.

    Sister Maria Serafina Micheli, was aware of the reason for the celebrations going on around her but was interested only in her desire to pray somewhere quiet. After some time walking and searching, she finally found a church but the doors were locked. The sister knelt on the steps of the closed church to pray. However, the nun did not know that this was not a Catholic church, but was Protestant. When evening came, suddenly her guardian angel appeared and said: “Get up, get out of here, because this is a Protestant temple” and then added, “But, before you go, let me show you where the damned heretic Martin Luther is held and what punishment he suffers because of his pride”. After these words, the sister saw a terrible, dark abyss of fire, where countless souls were tormented cruelly. At the bottom of the abyss was Martin Luther. He was surrounded by demons who forced him to remain kneeling, other devils standing by him were all armed with heavy hammers and continuously beat a huge nail into his head.

    Sister said that she thought, “If the people celebrating could see this dramatic scene here in Eisleben they would definitely not be celebrating and establishing memorials to Martin Luther. Then the guardian angel appeared again and pressed the sister to live always in humility because Martin Luther was first and foremost being punished in hell for the deadly sin of pride.

  3. OF

    In the land
    Of Deutsch and Vaters
    Races Rhine’s
    All mastering waters

    No other creed
    Or freemasonry
    Hate like the Vaters
    Of Germany

    An Alter Christus
    For sinner and virgin
    But the Rhine’s vineyard reds
    Let deviance burgeon

    They will like you to death
    With all their red fiber
    And drown your soul
    So you can’t reach the Tiber

    But in the land
    Of Deutschland’s waters
    It’s time to dam
    Rhine’s polluted Vaters!

  4. In the words of Msgr. Patrick O’Hare, “The true reformer restores society to its primitive purity; the revolutionist violently upsets the constitution of society, putting something else in its place.” While Luther screamed out reform, what he did was revolt. Just as you have done here (thank you), we all need to actively make that distinction. It seems there will be plenty of opportunities to do so as this “celebration” in 2017 gets more and more attention. At least we can refuse to use the term “Reformation.” We can refuse to “learn from” Luther’s teachings. (The quotation was written in 1916, shortly after the 400th anniversary of Luther’s birth, which was still generating a lot of discussion.)

    • I use the expression “Heresy of Luther”.
      Seems very factual and correct to me.
      “Reform” is what one does when he stops drinking. In this case, the contrary was the case.

  5. indignusfamulus

    Just as the Synod called our attention to God’s laws concerning marriage and family, Cardinal Marx directs us to learn from Luther:
    “The ex Augustinian monk who “married” the ex-Cistercian nun- Katherine von Bora -described as 24, “vivacious”, and “in love” with another man (Jerome Baumgartner) whose family rejected her who in 1524, stated her willingness to marry either Luther or his associate, Nicholas von Amsdorf.”
    – Luther agreed it was time for him to marry, saying it would “please his father, rile the pope, cause the angels to laugh and the devils to weep.”
    -“His friend and colleague, Philipp Melanchthon refused to attend the ceremonies, calling it scandalous and harmful to the Reformation.”
    -“As monks, one by one, began to abandon the cloistered life in Wittenburgh due to the reformation; Luther staked a claim on the “Black Cloister” property, where he had formerly resided with them- making it his family home.”
    -“One of his biographers recounts how he once teased Katherine at the dinner table saying, “The time will come when a man will take more than one wife.” The jesting continued back and forth with each of them quoting passages from St. Paul, until Katherine ended the discussion saying: “Before I put up with this polygamy, I’d rather go back to the convent and leave you and all our children.” (readers apparently expected to chuckle heartily, here)
    (Her life ended suddenly at age 53, when war in the region forced to her to flee with her family. She fell into a watery ditch while trying to control the horses pulling her family’s wagon, and was taken to Torgau by her children, where she died and was buried.)
    What have we learned? Start with two sets of broken vows in rebellion against God’s Church; live unrepentant….end in a watery ditch.

    • “cause the angels to laugh and the devils to weep.”
      The exact contrary, I am sure…
      unless the angels were simply very, very angry…

  6. Yes, and Hitler just wanted to get Germany’s economy and culture back on track. Holy whitewashed tomb! God bless~

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