The Massacre Of The Dutch Innocents

Kathleen Sebelius

“These Dutch are really learning!”


Read here about another fruit of the atheist madness of our times: the slaughter of hundreds of babies in the Netherlands, “deemed” to desire to exercise a “right to die” about which, irrespective of the evil of the desire, no one ever even asked them.

The monstrous mind of the atheist, liberal world is exposed very clearly when such things happen. Similarly, we are once again reminded of the slippery slope of liberal legislation, which has never failed to produce results abhorred by many of their very original proposers: abortion was initially thought as a (evil) remedy for extreme cases, like the fifteen years old girl very near to suicide. Pro-pervert legislation was initially smuggled as a way to help dykes and faggots to have an easier life in their administrative matters (will, say; or hospital visits). Euthanasia as a remedy to the oh so atrociously suffering, oh so terminally ill, oh so old man or woman. 

How it ends – how it must end, then when one starts to take leave from reason it is unavoidable to go down the road to madness – is abortion on demand, so-called “gay marriage” and adoption rights, and the slaughter of innocent babies.

There can be no middle way between the Christian way and utter madness. God’s rules are not only good for our salvation, they are perfectly logical, eminently practical and completely sensible for the human being. It is an illusion to think that a Lawmaker can take leave from Christian principles without progressively drifting into utter and complete, monstrous cruelty.

But hey: these people certainly are in good faith, aren’t they? They follow their consciences, don’t they? Therefore, a question spontaneously arise:

Who are we to judge?



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  1. Mundabor
    First of all Happy New year in this Year of Grace 2015
    Secondly ,all the old hippies with their ‘progressive ‘agenda are really not new at all-as Solomon said “there is nothing new under the son” .
    As an Australian I believe that we as a country-a godless selfish, Theo phobic, homophile sports mad culture-are ripe for the judgement of a Holy Righteous God.The one saying this in the church-Cardinal Pell-is discredited here because of his failure to act on child abuse,but thankfully Fr Glen Tattersall and his two Associate priests at the TLM parish here in Melbourne are fortifying the flock reminding them to live holy sanctified lives .
    Thanks for YOUR faithfulness – it reminds me of Richard Collins another contender for the Faith

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