Bad Day For The Pollyannas

Jake Elwood is here seen trying to explain why the Repubblica Interview had been published in a Vatican book...

Jake Blues is here seen trying to explain why the Repubblica Interview had been published in a Vatican book…


The “Remnant” has, in its online edition, a customarily beautiful article about the boomerang effect of this too-stupid-for-words papacy. The article contains a long list of blunders, mistakes, heresies and assorted antics of this pontificate.

I must not have been paying attention, because the article links to a rather spicy event: the fact that the notorious interview with Scalfaro has been published in a book. A book, mind, not edited by Repubblica‘s publishing house, but by none other than the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, the official publishing house of the Holy sea.

Hmm… let me think…

Was it not so, that the assorted Pollyannas have always tried to remove the interview from existence by stating that the interview was nothing more than the confused recollection of a very old man (Scalfaro), who had abused the generous, but orthodox mind of our Humble Pope?

What will they invent, now, to explain away the reality that stares at them in the face? Will they say that Francis was “not informed” of the interview being there? Or that he was there when they were discussing the book, but had to go to the bathroom when Scalfaro came up? Perhaps he has difficulties in understanding Italian? His parents died such a long time ago! 

The Pollyannas now need a good dose of John Belushi/Jake Elwood spirit: the dry cleaner, the earthquake, and the locusts….

It truly is embarrassing to see how many people, whose brain works otherwise normally, embarrass themselves and insult their intelligence with this extreme kind of denial. Even Francis is abandoning them, more and more refusing to even them with some feeble excuse, some kind of fig leave to cover his and their shame. 

It’s not easy to be a Pollyanna. And most people will not believe in the locusts…






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  1. You are surely not critical of the Most Humble Pope (sorry Bishop Of Rome) In All The Epochs Of Human History?

    ‘umble Frank really is trying to be a turbo-charged Paul VI.

  2. Their denial of the truth concerning the current pope seems boundless and unassailable. It must surely be of diabolic origins; it is wholly unnatural and unlikely and does even more damage to souls than the evil-doing of the Pope per se. Diabolical disorientation. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

  3. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    The Pollyannas” spirits will soon be revived, if God allows Francis’ current plans to be accomplished. When he met last summer with his hero “the father of liberation theology”, Gustavo Gutierrez, in Rome, (according to his biographer, Paul Vallely) he also asked Leonardo Boff, to send him his writings.
    -Boff, for anyone unfamiliar with the name, was one of the best known (along with Gutiérrez) Liberation theologians and supporters of communist regimes, who was accused by the Vatican of Marxism in 1985, when the CDF silenced him for a year for his book Church: Charism and Power. Boff later accused Ratzinger of “religious terrorism,” and (according to Wicki) was about to be silenced again in 1992 by Rome, to prevent him from participating in the Eco-92 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, when he decided to leave the Franciscan order and the priestly ministry.
    He then joined the international group of Catholic Scholars who in 2012 issued the Jubilee Declaration on reform of authority in the Catholic Church., and teaches at the U. of Rio.
    On the election of Pope Francis Boff said, “I am encouraged by this choice, viewing it as a pledge for a church of simplicity and of ecological ideals.”

    We’re again reminded of the prophecy in Revelations. about Rome becoming the haunt of every filthy bird….etc…before the great chastisement in a single hour.

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