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Communist Subversive

Communist Subversive

I have few doubts the environ-mental encyclical of Pope Dope (aka TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History) will be released within the year, officially documenting the shame of this pontificate for all centuries to come. It might be interesting to reflect a bit about the situation of the Catholic Neocons in the matter.

Like most people with a working brain, Neocons reject environ-mentalism. They will be, very soon, confronted with a massive example of this atheist madness, from the very Pope. It will be impossible to ignore the message, because this time we will not be in front of an off-the-cuff comment, but of a very official document. Every Neocon will have to pick a side, and to take a stance. What options will he have?

1. Hide behind the finger, and trying not to ignore, but to deflect the issue. Admit that one is “confused”, and finds the words of the Pope “unusual” and “surprising”. Perch oneself just at the top of the fence and stay there, hoping no one notices the discomfort or the ridicule of such a posture. It won’t work, because Francis is the character that does not allow anyone to sit on the fence: either you are a revolutionary, or a counter-revolutionary.

Pope Lama

Proto-Communist subversive

2. Espouse the madness, and cave in to enviro-terrorism. Very few will do it, perhaps even among the Pollyannas. Every Catholic with a bit of a Catholic instinct knows that you do not follow blindly whatever the Pope says. It takes a SS-mentality to change one’s stance and follow the Pope on this.

3. Draw the consequences from the Pope’s statement and say it bluntly: this is in principle no matter of faith and morals and actually, if we look at it seriously, Francis’ stance goes against faith and moral. That’s it. Yes, the Pope is wrong. Get over it.

My suspicion is that Francis’ new anti-Western push will move a good number of tepid Neocons toward position number 3; particularly so, because the issue of environ-madness is a highly emotional one, and they are not going to be swayed on this by one they do not even like. When this happens, these very Neocons will be forced to reflect that a Pope who abuses the instrument of an encyclical to promote his own pet peeves, or to promote an actually anti-Catholic agenda, isn’t worth much and is abusing of his office as Pope.

I suggest to my readers that whenever they come into contact with such Neocons they take the initiative and ask them how they view the Pope’s stance on the Environment: whether they unconditionally approve, or think that this is a matter for an encyclical letter, and the like. After the obligatory “hhmmm” and “uuuhhhhmmmm” some serious thinking might well be about to start.

Francis is driving Neocons to the wall. He is leaving them nowhere to hide. His blunt activism will require of them to make a choice.

Hopefully, the right one.



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  1. After making a comment on Francis’ manipulations of last October’s synod someone challenged me to read an article by George Weigel. Unbelievably, he completely and emphatically disassociates Francis from the actions of Baldeserri, Forte, et al.

    But was there even a shred of subtlety in Francis’ attempts to control the outcome of the synod? Why would anyone even attempt to claim otherwise? Such willful blindness leads me to think that in the responses to the encyclical we’ll see many more 1s and 2s, than 3s.

    • Weigel covered himself with shame when he tried to disassociate Francis from, in a word, Francis’ work.

      But if I remember correctly, he is “correcting” (in part) himself with a recent article about the terrible dangers coming from the Synod; thus taking side against Francis whilst still avoiding to say he is.

      If you ask me, the problem is this: Weigel is a professional writer. He has the same problem as Voris. They both fear that openly going against Francis will cost them 80% or 90% of their followers overnight.

      I do not have any other explanation, because both of them are smart enough to know very well what is happening.


  2. In my opinion you are being over-optimistic. I think that in the encyclical Bergoglio will cite JP II, along with Leo XIII and the Council, so he will falsify the whole think and make it have a catholic appearance.
    Then Neocons will find a way to feel comfortable and popular. As they always do. That is what define them. They are the Bergoglian main force.

    • Maybe, but I notice than in Evangelii Gaudium mentioned to pre- V II popes or encyclicals were basically absent. This is a dangerous game to play, because you direct the faithful to an encyclical, and they may discover a world…

      As to the neocon, I am still skeptical that Neocons will suddenly embrace environ-mentalism because Francis says so. Francis has been promoting a proto-communism for a long time now, and I haven’t seen many takers among Neocons, who prefers to be “perplexed” or find his word “strange” and basically ignore him…


  3. Mundabor,
    This audio which ZENIT removed is a bit off topic and maybe you already heard it but just in case you haven’t, I think this is worth the listen: http://edwardpentin.co.uk/statement-on-cardinal-kasper-interview/

  4. I’m wondering which Pope issued an Encyclical about the deforestration of Europe in the Middle Ages. Oh wait, that never happened.

    • There was also a huge, huge global warming during the XIV Century. So huge, that it changed the conditions of agriculture, and thus of the entire European continent, forever.

      I have no knowledge of anyone being alarmed for a rise in average temperatures of up to 5 C in 100 years. How reckless and stupid those people were…


  5. My climate changed here in Canada from 10C to -9C overnight just in the past 12 hours. I need Captain Climate Change right on that.

  6. Guess our New Saint will be St. Algore. True he isn’t dead yet but if the Pope makes him Venerable now, he can find a miracle right now and Beatify him the moment he is pronouced dead. He will be depicted kneeling on an ice flow clutching a polar bear cub and weeping over its dead mother. His medal will read-Green gases kill—the obverse -St Algore
    protect us from all CO2

  7. Weigel made enough money on his bio of JPII to never again have to even think about where next month’s dinners are coming from.

  8. Pope Francis abets Obama in making another unforced error. An earlier one was offering relief to the tottering Iranian regime and opening nuclear talks. The moment Fidel goes to a (much) warmer place below, Red Cuba will end. Raul seems a dreary and doddery manager of decline. Obama could have waited. Francis likely is disturbed by likelihood of the imminent fall of Communist Cuba. He wants to help. I wonder how he plans to help Maduro and his crumbling tyranny. No one should mind, as Francis has so far proven to be fairly hapless. He won’t save Communism.

    • I honestly think that three battalions of Marines would have put an end to this mess a long time ago. I do not means Cuban amateurs in pig’s bay style. I mean an intervention in Grenada-style.
      A snowball in hell would have more chances than a communist regime putrefying before death. Even Obama would become the hero of many in states like Florida, which could be decisive in 2016. And who would run to show solidarity to Raul Castro? Not even Russia. Some peeved press release from North Korea and China would be all. Everyone would be relieved. Investments and tourism would start in an unprecedented way.
      But no, the pacifist mantra must prevail. Better to let the Castroite regime putrefy…


  9. Obama must like Francis be sympathetic. Obama could have done nothing – his speciality and probably his only positive trait in a way – and time would have taken care of Castros. It really is an excruciating error. All Obama had to do was nothing. I half wonder if Pope Francis will canonise Fidel when the Great Dictator goes to that warmer place below.

    • Ah, but Obama is not interested in the end of the Castroite regime. He in interested, like Franics, in self-aggrandizement and easy rhetoric.

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