If Satan Became Pope…

Pope Lama

“Just you wait…”


Let us imagine, just for the sake of it, that Satan were to manage to take human form, enter the Church, climb the career ladder and, one day, be elected Pope by very naive Cardinals fully in the dark as to what they are doing. What do you think he would do?  Would he boldly declare: “I am, actually, Satan, so please start dismounting everything here, and let’s move over to Satan worship?”. Of course not.

What he would do is, no doubt, something along these lines:

1. Downplay the role of the Church in the economy of Salvation.

2. Downplay the importance of Doctrine;

3. Scream “luv” as loud as he can, and slowly implant a new religion of fluffy feelings instead of his real enemy, Christianity; saying, for example, that what the herd thinks or wishes is what the Holy Ghost wants them to think and wish.

4. Subtly downplay or implicitly insult everything Catholics hold as sacred: telling them that Jesus willfully deceived His Apostles, or that the Blessed Virgin may have thought she had been deceived.

5. Introduce a new god, a god of “surprises”; that the real surprise is, in fact, Satan he would, of course, not say. What the “surprises” are he would make, though, abundantly clear: desecration of communion, and acceptance of sexual perversion as the two mainstays.

6. Deflect the attention from spiritual issues, and direct it on purely social themes, say: poverty, social justice, the environment.

7. Continuously insult those good Catholics whom he knows would be fierce critics of his agenda. They are bad, he would say. Hypocrites. Dead inside. Holy card faces. Old maids with flight attendance smiles. Ugh!

8. Fake humility, modesty, and nearness to the poor; whilst living in luxury anyway, and behaving like the Prince of Bullies. Promote a personality cult as a gateway to a cult of man, in which the (un)faithful are encouraged to worship themselves and their own errors.

9. Downplay the very role and public image, and with that the authority, of the Papacy; unless such authority comes handy to repress sound Catholic orders, or react to one’s own bishops demanding orthodoxy.


Please read this little list again, and tell me whether any one of these points would not be in the interest of Satan, and would not push forward his own position, if he (absurdly, and for the sake of the discussion) became Pope.

Now: for the sake of the occasional readers of this blog, among which must be some leftists of – as all leftists – not very bright intellect, I must make clear that I am not stating that Francis is Satan. I know there would be no need to write this, but it is fitting to do it just to make this blog post, ahem, dumbo-proof…

What I am getting to is that this clown of ours is doing everything that Satan himself would do, if he were to (absurdly, and for the sake of the discussion) be elected Pope.

This is the main problem with The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH ™): whether he is willingly bent (yes: bent) on damaging the Church or “merely” caring about his own popularity among the unbelieving herd without any thought for the consequences, the result is the same: he does everything that a hypothetical Pope Satan would do do inflict to the Church as much damage as he can.

Shocked, uh?

Read the list again. Compare its points with the reality on the ground.

And be ready for confrontation in the family, at work, with friends, in church, everywhere.




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  1. I agree Mundabor!He frightens the life out of me!!Philip Johnson

  2. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he were, in fact, Satan incarnate.

  3. And now you see why I believe he’s the False Prophet.

    • I understand why some people believe this. But I do not understand how they reconcile this with the obvious stupidity, ignorance and all-around boorishness of the man.

      The False Prophet is supposed (AFAIK) to deceive very many, if not all but the very best. With this one, everyone with a basic understanding of Catholicism smells a huge rat as soon as Francis opens his mouth. I can’t see anything anything “prophethic” in a man his own establishment is flatly refusing to follow.


    • indignusfamulus

      Dear Mundabor,
      Our Lord’s warning may have stopped you and others of us who are not blinded, but it didn’t stop a lot of otherwise ” brilliant ” men and women from falling into the modernist trap. They were part of the “elect” who’ve been deceived. Benedict just reversed his position of 40 years ago, on one dogmatic topic; and nobody would call him (or JPII) a mental lightweight..
      What if the “false prophet” with two horns like a lamb but which sounds like the dragon is the modernist part of the “Spirit of VII” – adopted by so many Popes who put the true prophet–Our Lady, and her request to Consecrate Russia-away in a closet?

      They certainly made ready the way for the current “man in white” – who shakes his finger in our faces yelling “NO NO NO WE don’t PROSELYTIZE”–like Jesus’ mandate is a now a filthy sin, and anything that makes an unrepentant sinner uncomfortable has to be changed. Welcome to Catholic Hell.

      Bergoglio has proudly declared himself a child of it all , who’s doing everything he can to finish the job they started–gathering in all the perverts, liberation theologians, and progressives and subverting everything he can subvert. Read your list.
      It’s not his brains or lack thereof or his deceptive abilities we need to be looking for, it’s the results of what he does and attempts to do that matter..
      What could be worse for the salvation of souls than what he’s been promoting? That’s the real question.. Most of the hard work we’ve done with extended family members over the last two decades has been trashed by in in the last year.
      We’ve already lost a few to death, who went deluded and bitter against Faithful Catholics, thinking they had the Real Faith, which tolerates all kinds of evils in its midst, and people like us are clinging to dead teachings–thanks to every Pope since John XXIII, and especially the current one.
      No question. He qualifies. Whether he’s just a prefiguration is another matter.
      In our opinion, that won’t be necessary.


    • I still can’t see, though I get where you are coming from. Whilst not very many of us see through the fraud, the percentage about those who care is stunning already, and it is growing every day. Francis is popular among the wrong crowd. It’s not popular among the right one. A prophet that only persuades the Canaanites, but not the Jews does not qualify as a prophet in my book. I expect from a False Prophet a vast bigger intelligence, depth of thought, and ability to deceive.

  4. indignusfamulus

    Daniel 11:21
    –“And there shall stand up in his place one despised, and the kingly honour shall not be given him: and he shall come privately, and shall obtain the kingdom by fraud.”
    Our Pope must be off that hook, because a soft-spoken Cardinal,
    – SCHONBORN -OF VIENNA, clearly explained to “The Telegraph” ( May 14, 2013)
    ” I personally had -“strong signs” that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was “the chosen one” in the run up to vote back in March ov 2013.”.
    “ONLY DIVINE INTERVENTION COULD EXPLAIN THE SPEED with which the Argentine Cardinal – who did not feature on any of the main lists of likely candidates compiled by Vatican experts – was elected”.
    He was elected by DIVINE intervention then, and not by the criminal work of “Team Bergoglio” –as “From Rome” reports, from the book by Ivereigh which exposed it?:

    “Though, heretofore, there have been publicly implicated 4 Cardinals: Murphy-O’Connor of Westminster, Danneels of Belgium, Kasper and Lehmann of Germany;
    the text of Ivereigh has named 3 others as team members:
    – SCHONBORN OF VIENNA, , Vingt-Trois of Paris and Santos Abril y Castello (Rome).
    “A total of 7 Cardinals in the team.”

  5. damn good blog post. hmm.

    • I thought you did not see the Holy Ghost in my post, mortimerzilch, and were therefore on your way out.
      By the by, I do not claim to have any special Holy Ghost mandate, or Holy Ghost radar come to that.

  6. His appearance on that balcony made me feel like I was watching the Omen there for a second. “Good evening” and that wooden expression and dark glasses.

    No, he doesn’t smell right. Never did.

  7. It cannot be reasonably posited that the Pope is not doing great evil, in his constant opposition to Faith and morals. Blessed Michael, defend us in battle . . .

  8. I know you have plenty to do, and that your time is stretched just trying to keep up with HH, or the Bishop of Rome, as he often prefers to be called (unless he is laying down the law to the wayward orthodox/traditional of his flock). Anyway, it might be truly useful to keep a folder, or a heading at the top of your home page, where these very specifically Franciscan posts are stored. Sooner or later we actual Catholics will have need of them to help explain to our friends and loved ones that their new-found fears were already recognized in the early days of this frightful and depressing pontificate. They would see the anti-sedevacantist posts, the election posts, and the catalog of his attacks on all things Catholic. If I were better with the computer I could start saving them myself. Perhaps I should avail myself of the online computer courses my Swiss company provides for employees, so that I would have this unpleasant history. But I know your readers, current and to come, will want it.

    Thank you for another well-thought article, Mundabor! As always, you are remembered in my prayers.

    • I have thought many times to start doing something like that, but it soon dawned on me that it would require me to stop blogging for several days.

      Conversely, I reflected that the very useful “calendar” funcion of this blog allows every one to start reading from, if he wants, March 2013 and, scrolling through the post that are not about Francis, read absolutely everything pretty much in cronological order. Of course, this requires scrolling back to the first post of the month for every month.


    • Dear Mary, Chris Ferrara of the Remnant newspaper has quite a few articles that collate many of the worst breaches of Faith and morals by the Pope. Lord have mercy.

    • I have, nevertheless, decide to become active on the matter, as Mary’s comment got me to seriously deal with the fact that the time could be well spent.

      More on this today or tomorrow.


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