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“The Francis Papers”: This Papacy Seen From This Blog.

After some reflection, I have decided to create a new fixed “page” (the ones you see in the bars above the main space) with a collection of the most relevant blunders, heresies, blasphemies and populist tirades of our not very beloved Bishop of Rome.

This is a work of some scale, because I have to filter through hundreds (actually, I think more than one thousand) blog posts to find the ones concerning Francis and then decide what is relevant enough to make the list. Unfortunately, my insistence on using a VPN service makes things very slow, because it takes time to even load a page.

In order to avoid too much disruption to the work of the blog, I will work on the “Francis Papers” a bit at a time, when time allows and there are no burning news. The page will be published in incomplete form, and will be then integrated with more and more material. I would like to start it with at least three or four months of material (until June or July 2013) and then progressively expand.

Hopefully, when the work has ended and I have caught up with January 2015, we will have an extensive frame of reference to “get” this pontificate as seen from this blog; a list that will be fairly complete, as opposed to the dozen or so articles you might easily extract from search engines; and an instrument which will, I think, be particularly useful for those discovering this blog in the future.

It’s a boring, grinding, unrewarding job, made much slower by the VPN. But the realisation dawned on me that if this Papacy continues down the lines seen up to now such a work will be the best service I can make to my reader, and is in the long run more important than this or that blog post about daily matters.

The new page will be online in the next days.

The blog might suffer a bit in the meantime, and as the page gets completed.


“Charlie Hebdo”: Wake Up, Or Die


Never was a cartoon truer.

Never was a cartoon truer.


And it came to pass the French were made aware, in a rather violent manner, of what happens when one puts his head in the sand and pretends to believe that millions of Muslims in their own countries will not constitute a problem because of the, you know, “religion of peace”.

But then, France, this is the bed you made. Now deal with it, or prepare yourself for sharia law.

After the event in Paris, I went around on the internet looking for examples of the offending cartoons. Can’t say I found much; but the number of very vulgar cartoons concerning Catholics are there in some numbers.

I truly, truly hope that tomorrow and in the next days, every French (and hopefully, not French) newspaper and magazine will publish the “offending” covers concerning Islam. Every other reaction would mean that the French Press can bark all right, but will not stand for the freedom to publish whatever material fanatical Muslims deem offensive.

We shall see.

Prayers for the deceased. Prayer, if you can, even for the killers.

But let’s hope they get killed fast.



Passion, Penance And Discipline

The “Pope Chamberlain” Reblog

Pope Chamberlain The First: A Judgmental Blog Post.

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