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ISIS: Because I’m Worth It.



Finally, a husband!

Finally, a husband!

Hilarious, if tragic, article from the Christian Post concerning speed-dating, the ISIS way.

Those trying to lure stupid young women to Syria (and I hope they get many of them; unless, of course, they are allowed to come back as widows, or otherwise) make clear that the two prospective love-birds “are given the ability to see one another if they both desire to do so”. Go on, ugly Arab girls: this is your chance! Hubby won’t live long anyway, so his disappointment on the marriage day on seeing a hook-nosed nightmare will be one of short duration.

But hey, bring makeup and jewels, there’s absolutely nothing here! One shadow of mascara (under the veil) has been known to work wonders, and it is important for the good ISIS girl to wear good makeup (under the veil) on occasion of public beheading…

ISIS: because I am worth it.

But the biggest pearl is this one:

A 25-year-old former Islamic State patrol guard told CNN she was duped into joining the Islamic State by a recruiter who told her that the organization was trying to “properly implement Islam” and that there would be less violence when the war was over. She began to have doubts when she saw how fighters abused women and their own wives. She was also completely turned off by the beheadings and execution and knew she had to escape.

Look, 25-years-old retard wasn’t really put off by all the mass executions and genocide that (like the entire planet) she knew are happening. She believed, poor lamb, that the ISIS was merely trying to “properly implement Islam” (which they are, they are!); there are heads rolling like is bowling night right now, but it’s going to end “when the war is over”, so fine. Perhaps when the war is over there will be better makeup available, too?

Then, poor retard also discovers the terrorists (terrorists: screw “fighters”) abused women and (gasp… gasp…) their own wives! You don’t say!! I thought that people who commit genocides during working hours were the kindest husbands ever when they go back home after a long day with the knife. “Ugh, darling, I am exhausted! Today I had three necks that were really nasty! Love the makeup, by the way… and  what is there for dinner, sweetie pie?”

And she didn’t like the beheadings, either! She thought they were good fun (no cinemas over there, you see) but then she discovered she was “completely turned off by the beheading and executions”. Astonishing. Twenty-five years old, mind, not six like the poor Mohammed’s “wife”…

Apart from the obvious retardation of the woman, one truly wonders what kind of mentality goes on in non-Western, non-Christian families living in the West; what kind of cruelty, I mean, can make them consider acceptable, even for one moment, that they will go and live amidst mass executions and unspeakable violence.

Fly away, young women! Get your asses on the next plane to Jordan, and from there mohammed off to Syria! But stay there, too, and don’t even dare to ever go back to the civilised country you have left in order to “properly implement Islam” with, you know, some beheading and massacre thrown in for the time being. See what they do to you, too, and we’ll see how much you like it. There’s no cure for stupidity, and Islam is the stupidity central.

I am reminded of the joke about what a Palestinian girl says to her best girlfriend:

“Do the bombs make my ass look fat?”




Pope Grima Wormtongue

Mundabor's Blog

You have read by now that Pope Francis has, obviously not openly but in that typical, Jesuitical way of his, said that the United States and the Western Powers are not better than the ISIS, because what they do is “State Terrorism”.

It is difficult to keep calm at such evil complicity with the enemy. This is Grima Wormtongue through and through. An agent of Satan bent on maximum suffering for Christians as he, himself, looks pious in the comfort of his faggot-run hotel.

We have now sunk at the level of the 17-years-old extreme nutcase, spitting the most unbelievable nonsense to announce to the world his own existence and reputed greatness. This is not even pothead level. This is pure evil.

I truly hope that a strong refutation of the Pope’s words will now be made public. You know, at least the usual “what he meant is…” that will…

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On “Charlie Hebdo” Again



When a prostitute is killed, her murder is not less a murder because the victim of the murder is a prostitute. The life she led, even her probable damnation, have no bearing on that.

We, the non-prostitute population, condemn the sinful life of the prostitute; but we do not think her murder justified, or its gravity in any way lessened, because she was a prostitute. We do not say that we condemn the murder, but the prostitute was “throwing fuel on a flame”. Not one bit. We understand that whatever the prostitute was doing her murder is not in the least justified because she is a prostitute, or a trannie, or a rent-boy, or whatever. It was not her “profession” that killed her. The murderer killed her.The murderer bears the sole responsibility for the murder.

Certainly, a sinful life is never conducing to a better quality of life. Street prostitution has always been, and will always be, a very dangerous job. A life drenched in sin is, very often, a very shitty life. We can, therefore, certainly reflect, upon knowing about the facts, about the consequences of living such sinful lives. We can see the murder as – from a purely moral point of view – a consequence of her sinfulness. Crooks may also end up, at times,  killing each other. But those would be still murders. They would, in fact, be murders of the same gravity, as no legal system I know gives to any criminal extenuating circumstances for having freed the world of another criminal. No judge says to the convicted felon “Yeah, Mr Murderer, it should be 25 years; but the victim had it coming, so let’s make it 15…”.

In fact, we cannot even know – from the same religious point of view – whether the murder was not the way, for the poor prostitute or trannie, to manage a perfect contrition upon realising her (or his) days were now coming to an end. God does work in mysterious ways. But this too, my dear readers, would not change anything in the murder. Not one bit. 

We, the law-abiding citizen, defend a system in which no murders occur irrespective of who is the murdered. We demand that the murderer be visited with the harshest measure of the law. If we are Catholics, we should actually demand that this punishment be the capital one, which was always the case in Christian times. Very importantly, we do not yield to intimidation, irrespective of how bad the people who were killed in order to intimidate us. 

We do not want murders. Basic sense, and Christian thinking, want it so. In this, the moral qualities of the murdered do not play any role whatsoever. The prostitute has the same right not to be murdered the holy woman of God has, and her life is no less inviolable. And we do not want to be bullied into not publishing content offensive to savage bastards.

We, the Christian West, have created this system. We have protected Jews from the fanaticism of stupid people. No one more so, than the Papal States; a State in which Jews felt protected enough to have there a number of colonies: Rome, Pesaro, Ferrara, Ancona come to mind. No other State in Italy afforded to them better protection.

We, the Christian West, have sent to the gallows people who killed prostitutes. Bad as it is to be a prostitute, gallows it still was. The idea that the profession of the murdered has any influence on it is not any part of our thinking and tradition.

The cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo were as bad as you like. Their soul was probably more endangered than the one of the prostitute. It is difficult not to think that several of them, last Wednesday, were sent on their way to hell.

But they were murdered, and they were murdered by people who want to intimidate the West to comply with their barbarous thinking.  The murders are there, and the intimidation is there. Therefore, my dear readers, how bastards the murdered cartoonist were is neither here nor there. We must react to this unprecedented attack to Western Civilisation irrespective of the fact that the murdered were prostitutes, or trannies, or blasphemous bastards.

We aren’t Muslims, you see. We think that the law protects everyone in equal measure, and a peaceful and ordered society cannot have it any other way. We are civilised people. We do not look at a murder in light of the moral qualities of the murdered. And most certainly we do not allow attacks to our civilisation.

All the issues, all the problems of the mad times we are living in can and should be discussed in a way proper to our civilised ways. The supporters of Manif pour Tous do not go around massacring homosexualists. They know that to do so would be to commit murder, no matter how evil the faggot. They would never dream of downplaying the gravity of a murder because the murdered was a prostitute, or a trannie. This is why they are infinitely superior to the barbarians who, now, want to put a muzzle on the Western press.

And please, do not insult your intelligence (or have me insulting you; which I would do, if I allowed comments to this post) and start one of those unspeakably stupid exercises in keyboard onanism with the usual fantasies of hidden conspiracies, secret services, and the like. If you do, you truly are an idiot: unworthy to vote, unworthy to be a part of our democracy, certainly unworthy of commenting on my blog, and no better than those Muslims who think the 11 September attacks were a Jewish conspiracy, because it is convenient for them to dream that it is so.

The events of last week do awaken an emotional response. But we have no right to switch our brains off.

Say a prayer for the dead, but never lose your wits. Never lose the robust Christian spirit and common sense that made the West so great. And defend its freedoms.

Defend its freedoms.








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