ISIS: Because I’m Worth It.



Finally, a husband!

Finally, a husband!

Hilarious, if tragic, article from the Christian Post concerning speed-dating, the ISIS way.

Those trying to lure stupid young women to Syria (and I hope they get many of them; unless, of course, they are allowed to come back as widows, or otherwise) make clear that the two prospective love-birds “are given the ability to see one another if they both desire to do so”. Go on, ugly Arab girls: this is your chance! Hubby won’t live long anyway, so his disappointment on the marriage day on seeing a hook-nosed nightmare will be one of short duration.

But hey, bring makeup and jewels, there’s absolutely nothing here! One shadow of mascara (under the veil) has been known to work wonders, and it is important for the good ISIS girl to wear good makeup (under the veil) on occasion of public beheading…

ISIS: because I am worth it.

But the biggest pearl is this one:

A 25-year-old former Islamic State patrol guard told CNN she was duped into joining the Islamic State by a recruiter who told her that the organization was trying to “properly implement Islam” and that there would be less violence when the war was over. She began to have doubts when she saw how fighters abused women and their own wives. She was also completely turned off by the beheadings and execution and knew she had to escape.

Look, 25-years-old retard wasn’t really put off by all the mass executions and genocide that (like the entire planet) she knew are happening. She believed, poor lamb, that the ISIS was merely trying to “properly implement Islam” (which they are, they are!); there are heads rolling like is bowling night right now, but it’s going to end “when the war is over”, so fine. Perhaps when the war is over there will be better makeup available, too?

Then, poor retard also discovers the terrorists (terrorists: screw “fighters”) abused women and (gasp… gasp…) their own wives! You don’t say!! I thought that people who commit genocides during working hours were the kindest husbands ever when they go back home after a long day with the knife. “Ugh, darling, I am exhausted! Today I had three necks that were really nasty! Love the makeup, by the way… and  what is there for dinner, sweetie pie?”

And she didn’t like the beheadings, either! She thought they were good fun (no cinemas over there, you see) but then she discovered she was “completely turned off by the beheading and executions”. Astonishing. Twenty-five years old, mind, not six like the poor Mohammed’s “wife”…

Apart from the obvious retardation of the woman, one truly wonders what kind of mentality goes on in non-Western, non-Christian families living in the West; what kind of cruelty, I mean, can make them consider acceptable, even for one moment, that they will go and live amidst mass executions and unspeakable violence.

Fly away, young women! Get your asses on the next plane to Jordan, and from there mohammed off to Syria! But stay there, too, and don’t even dare to ever go back to the civilised country you have left in order to “properly implement Islam” with, you know, some beheading and massacre thrown in for the time being. See what they do to you, too, and we’ll see how much you like it. There’s no cure for stupidity, and Islam is the stupidity central.

I am reminded of the joke about what a Palestinian girl says to her best girlfriend:

“Do the bombs make my ass look fat?”




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  1. I get the joke, but hate to ever hear the piss taken out of the Palestinians.

    Remember that many are/were Christians, there in the Holy Land since the time of Our Lord, “ethnically cleansed” to an enclave of hell. And that the Muslim families in no way deserved their fate. And that modern Islamofascism / Islamoterrorism – that great gift to the world – took root in the refugee camps, feeding on the cruelty.

    I hope you can post this link, just photographs but it might give some perspective: [EDIT: link removed because I can’t see what it is].

    • You might have understood that the Palestinian girl of the joke was, how should I put it, unlikely to be Christian.

      As far as I am concerned, you can kick all Arab Palestinians out to Egypt and replace them with Christians, and more power to you.


  2. Mundabor, you may appreciate this excellent piece, which could almost have been penned by yourself. Hard to believe such has been published in the mainstream press in 2015. There is obviously still some good in Spain.

    • My Spanish is… Italian.

      From what I get, I agree with much of what he says. But I would be cautious in saying that religions founds civilisations. Islam produces rather barbarism, and when the muslim government is not entirely barbaric it is because it not entirely Muslim.
      When, however, it is really orthodox you have ISIS, or Boko Haram.

  3. The link was to a cache of photographs of life in the Holy Land/Palestine prior to 1948 (the “land without a people”). Fascinating and devastating at once. Easily found online.

    And the ethnic Palestinians, like their Lebanese neighbours who have been similarly torn apart, Christian and Muslim, are the sons of Shem, not Arabs. Worth a visit to that part of the world, perhaps Mundabor. Perspectives can change.

  4. I’m sure that’s a man.

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