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The Poop Of The Elephant, And The Beheaded Charlie

I still can't understand where the huge pile of excrements came from, darling...

The Sunday after the massacre came, and with it the oceanic demonstration made by people who, in their majority, give the impression of not understanding what is going on. As so often by these mass exercises in excitement, one can’t avoid thinking that the emoting vastly exceeds the thinking. I suspect that feel-good feelings and Twitter-fuelled self-aggrandisement are the main motivator of the huge masses now manifesting against the huge poop of the elephant, whilst negating the existence of the very animal that made it. Words are cheap, and slogans are for free. But how many of those marching on Sunday have stopped one second, and have seriously reflected about the causes of this mess?

This mess is not an act of God, like Katrina or a big tsunami. It has been enabled by the unthinking masses and by the stupid, self-interested rhetoric of their own elected representatives; representatives which, as a result, bear a good deal ofresponsibility for what is happening.

Particularly revolting is, therefore, the presence of several heads of State and Government, collectively basking in the glow of the photographers’ flashes and assorted cameras as they decry the problem they have collectively caused.

The situation we are in has been created or enabled, every bit of the way, by the ruling political classes of most, and of all major, Western European Countries. The sugary, stupid rhetoric of an impossible integration went together with the prospects of easy votes for the leftist parties. A narrative of “inclusiveness” swept over Europe; a narrative the more moderate or centre-right parties never had the gut to seriously question; in part because they were too cowardly to go against the impering good-ism, and in part because they secretly hoped to get a piece of the electoral cake.

The result? Far too many Muslims, many of them with passports, and not a few of them at war with the West. Trend? Upwards, upwards, and upwards.

It is clear from what we have been hearing that the awakening is in far sight, but not there yet. The rhetoric of integration between the devil and the holy water is still being trumpeted everywhere; in great part because the political elites want to defend their investment and in part, perhaps, as an automatic reflex, as in some members of the public the facts sink in and a rethinking slowly starts to develop. But there is no way to deny reality for very long.

The reality is that Europe has cancer, and her cancer is Islam. This cancer will, unless it is stopped, slowly make its way through her vital organs, and cause her to die from the inside. It must be so, because there is no way to de-Islamise Islam, and irrespective of how peaceful and law-abiding the majority of them is there will always be a minority ready to fight and die and to massacre not only us, but their own.

The dynamic of Islam is always so, that the violent minority seizes power and oppresses the (generally, and at large) peaceful masses; unless, that is, someone is around who can keep them down by the sheer force of military or police oppression. It is, therefore, perfectly senseless to sing the song of the “few bad apples”. Those apples will eat the good apples for breakfast every time. A religion which produces bad apples of that sort has no place in Europe; it must be castrated in this generation, and slowly extirpated in the generations to come as European Islam dies through the slow, but ruthless, biological solution.

Nowadays, everyone is Charlie. Some of these Charlies will be the victims of the next massacre. Many more of them will, in only a couple of generation, be beheaded Charlies, because the Islamic nutcase do not care how many they are, provided they are enough to behead you.

Charlie Hebdo is the future of Europe’s streets. Not the immediate one, granted; but an appetiser of what will happen in a number of years. I grew up in Italy in the anni di piombo, the years of Italian terrorism, and it wasn’t pretty; though I am not sure whether compared with these people it was not, perhaps, a walk in the park.

We are headed for massive anni di piombo. Unless we wake up, that is. Which we will, because the modern European generations have tolerance for every kind of people, bar those who stay between them and their ability to screw each other to oblivion.

These nutcases will be, ultimately, defeated, because they are stupid if they think they can defeat the West. The West must,it is true, awaken first; but once it is well awake, you can say your prayers. Ask Saddam, or Bin Laden. Still, before this happens it is necessary that the politicians of the old kind – the Camerons, the Merkels and the Holllands of the world – are challenged by a new generation of young politicians, and by new (that is: old, and sane) ideas, not invested in the rhetoric of inclusion at all costs. These politicians will come from the ranks of today’s alternative parties – the UKIPs, the AvD, the FN of Europe – and will in time force the traditional parties to change, or to die.

The time in which you could silence the voices of reason merely by calling them “Fascist” or “racist” are rapidly going to an end. Merkel & Co. will notice it, I think, fairly soon, feebly at first, but more and more strongly as the wind of sanity start sweeping this great continent of ours again.

Europe will awaken, because our civilisation – and, like it or not, the Western appetite for sexual licence – are stronger than every ISIS, let alone Al Qaeda. In time, they will be crushed. But not before far more blood is shed, enough of it to wake up the tweeting masses stupidly thinking – like stupid Angela Merkel – that you can have Islam in Europe without the troubles.





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