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Let’s Anger The Child Rapist’s Fans


No, I am not Charlie. They remind me of another such like Italian weekly magazine, Il Male (fittingly: “The Evil”), a blasphemous, hardline communist publication of those disgraceful years, the Seventies.

I also find Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon, when they are not unbearably blasphemous*, not really funny and even mediocre in their technical quality.

But you see: I want to live in a Country where I am free to publish the damn Mohammed every damn time I please; and to burn a Koran if I feel like it; and to tell you that Mohammed was an evil bastard and child rapist who created an evil cult who is still causing problems 1400 years after he was sent, with extreme probability, to hell; where Dante put it, by the way, without any fear of censorship and without caring a straw if any Mohammedan felt offended.

Therefore, enjoy this very mediocre cartoonist, publishing for an obscene magazine, read by rabid leftists and atheists. Because as I was told at school, abusus non tollit usum: the abuse of freedom (to the point of impiety) from these people does not mean that I must, therefore, renounce to defend the freedom we all enjoy every day, and which through them is most grievously attacked. A freedom without which not only this blog and countless others, but we ourselves would very possibly not exist, or would live lives of servitude to some Communist or Muslim master.







*meaning here: insulting Christianity. You can insult Islam as much as you like, it’s fine with me…

Soon 140 Cardinals?

Francis was hiring more clowns for his circus...

Francis was hiring more clowns for his circus…


Houston, we have a Francis.

The news from the Italian press agency ANSA concerning the possible increase of the number of Cardinals to 140 is another deeply troubling development.

If put in place – and it seems improbable to me that this is not in the cards, as this looks like a “controlled leak” to me – this would allow Francis to rapidly reached a point in which his own creatures make the majority of the next Conclave, making the election of a Francis II (of sort; surely less of a boor) more probable in the “natural” course of things.

Horrible as the news is, I invite my readers to not be discouraged. The Church has always given to the Pope an immense power, the obvious corollary of his very special position on this planet. Still, you won’t find any other organisation which survived so many bad rulers with so much power, as earthly organisations must be crushed by a string  of – or even one – bad apples.

In the natural course of events, the rumoured expansion to 140 Cardinal would seal a rather firm grip on the next Conclave fairly soon; a Conclave ready to continue the work of demolition started by Francis in some way, less brash very probably, but still effective in further damaging what 1.1 billion people (bar a tiny minority of smart and well instructed boys and girls) sees as Catholicism.

The fact is, Francis might be worried – particularly with the mounting criticism of his own person – about what will happen to his memory when the Lord has called him to his punishment. Even an atheist has no pleasure in thinking that his memory might be ravaged as soon as he is six feet under, or just a few years later. Atheists always go for the grand project, the everlasting monument, the virtual mausoleum. It’s all they think they will leave, so their huge ego will want to make the most of it…

Then there are the collateral advantages to be had in his own revolutionary agenda; something he cannot control by simply appointing a handful dozen of cardinals (there are thousands of bishops; most of them will bury him; many of them with great relief), but will certainly help him to steer a bit, particularly in the popular perception, by having a couple of dozen idiots in red giving interviews like there is no tomorrow about how great Francis is.

In the natural course of events we would be rather done for, rather soon; still, the Church’s destiny is not decided in the natural realm, but in the supernatural one. Francis and, in case, his successors will ravage the Church for exactly as long – and not one day more – as the Lord allows them. Many will, in the course of what might become decades of devastation, “give up” and conform to what “everyone else is saying”. My impression is that the punishment that is going to be meted out on Christians (and on Catholics) worldwide is going to be absolutely breathtaking, and we must prepare ourselves for a long, long, cold night.

I daydream at times that I may wake up one day and listen on the radio that Francis has suddenly died; after which the Cardinals, shocked at the very stupid mistake made in March 2013, react electing a Burke of sort. But I realise this is a daydream, and the reality is very probably going to be different: carpet bombing of Catholicism for many years, perhaps decades.

Let us prepare ourselves for the long haul. Let us prepare ourselves to die mocked by most of the people who tell themselves Catholics, including our own relatives and friends. Let us prepare ourselves for a long, long age in which it seems that, on the face of it, everything is lost. When everything seems lost, the Blessed Virgin will come to our rescue.

Remember Quito. Do not lose courage. Never ever give up.

And may a lifetime of stubbornness contribute to merit us, with God’s grace, an eternity of happiness.




Another Bishop In Francis’ Gunsight

The Oliveri Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Not-so-strangely, we are informed that another conservative bishop, Oliveri from Albenga-Imperia, is now being targeted by the Unholy Father. The Bishop is known for the following:

1. Friendliness to the FFI.

2. Successful seminary, with 10% of the faithful in Liguria but more than 50% of Seminarians, attracting them from outer dioceses because of the quality of the formation.

3. First Pontifical Mass celebrated by a Bishop in communion with Rome in the Traditional Rite after Summorum Pontificum.

A rather successful Bishop, then, as V II bishops go; but one with two unforgivable traits in the mind of Francis: Catholic, and friend of Catholic Friars.

As already seen in Paraguay with bishop Lovieres Plano, the accusation that seems to be floated is of a certain leniency in welcoming priests with a past of (accusation of) misconduct. Accusations which in both cases are, mind, not personal accusations and are, therefore, no…

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