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Repetita Iuvant: Doctrine And Truth Can Never Change

Arithmetic of Mercy

I keep reading, and not without alarm, commenters on others, very big forum stating that we can say as much as we want that “Church doctrine cannot change”, but if Francis subverts the meaning of Communion, then doctrine will change. Not in the sense of “gradually evolve”, but of “becoming something different”.

In many this error is, I think, the fruit of a Protestant past, or of a sense of dismay and disorientation in front of the scale of the devastation. Let us, therefore, repeat a couple of concepts.

Church doctrine is not something earthly, and therefore changeable. It is the reflection of a Truth that transcends this earthly dimension. Like other realities, – the laws of mathematics or of physics; which we call “laws” to express the simple concept that whilst God is above them, and actually sustains them at all times, we aren’t, and are subject to them at all times – Church doctrine eludes any desire of (rebellious) men for its change.

You can wish that two and two be five to your last breath; you can persuade yourself that it is so; you can even find others ready and willing to share your nonsense – and there will be no scarcity of those, if a short-term practical advantage can be prospected to them – and become their very mathematics teacher. But even this collective madness will not change absolutely anything in the fact that two and two does continue to be four.

Truths are objective realities. They are not more changeable than mathematical rules. Not one bit. Doctrine will never change, because doctrine is the way Truth is taught, and could never change more than Truth could.

Will there be bad teachers? Aplenty. We currently have a Pope saying, in a way, that the old rules of mathematics are “obsolete” if they do not serve “the poor”, or “mercy”, or whatever: go figure.

Could it become worse? It could, it probably will to a degree. Could the new Pope officially endorse a new “mathematics of mercy”? Not very probable, but certainly possible. How do you react to this? By sticking to reality: the reality of truths that remain true irrespective of how many idiots, and be they five or ten Popes in a row, declare them outmoded, dead inside, Neopelagian, or what not.

The disorientation of the Catholic commenters must be compared to the understandable shock a school boy would have on being told that the rules of mathematics must now be adjusted to the new School of Mercy. He would not need much time to understand that facts remain facts, and objective truths cannot be discarded simply because we wish that it be so. This, and no other, must be our attitude whatever TMAHICH and his followers of the religion of mercy will decide to throw at us.

It is a challenge, of course, to decouple truth from the one supposed to defend it. But truth come first; the Pope can decide to be a heretical Pope, but he cannot dispose of truth more than you and I could.

I say this again and again, because I keep reading poor souls in a state of shocked disorientation. You must, if you ask me, see it as your duty to spread truth and logic in a world increasingly invited to reject both. You will be increasingly confronted with converts who say they’re out, because this is not the deal they got when they joined; or cradle Catholics saying they are going to become Evangelicals; or people who are simply shocked and terrified. Encourage and instruct them, and teach them to disassociate the Institution, which is Divine, from Francis and his men, who are – in case- heretics and traitors, but can never impact a reality so much beyond their control.

No Pope can change truth. But any Pope could tell you or even teach you (not proclaim as dogma) that truth has changed.

It is up to you to react, after the initial shock, like the boy in the above mentioned school rather than like the interested followers of the new teacher of lies.




Pope Francis: A Chronology

The “get this for now” reblog

Mundabor's Blog

"If one is a faggot and touches me inappropriately, who am I to judge?" “If one is a faggot and touches me inappropriately, who am I to judge?”

I have thought at times of making a full list of all the stupid – or worse – things Francis has said and done, and I have written about (which means: by far not all of them). Alas, the task would keep me occupied for a long time.

Thankfully, every now and then partial lists appear.

The last one is here, Hat tip: reader Olga Abounader. 

Whilst there are some slight imprecisions (the document that caused the outcry at the Synod is the interim document), it makes for a very accurate and very chilling reading. 

I am not sure God will forgive the Cardinals for what they have done. They certainly need to act now to remedy, as far as they can, to what they have done.


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