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4000 Blog Posts

WordPress has just informed me I have posted my 4,000th blog post.

A number of them are reblogs, but I do think reblogs are worth re-reading, or I would not reblog them. Only one or two are from external sources.

I honestly would have never thought, as this little effort started, that I would be writing this, 4,000 blog posts later.

This was, of course, through your attention and your encouragement. Albeit I must say that I find the insults of the wrong crowd almost as motivating, but that’s just me…

I’ll recite my rosary for my readers today.

Your prayers are always appreciated.


Someone Tell Francis To Shut Up

Another day, another blunder.

The Bishop of Rome is, in that stupid ways of his, trying to provide some sort of justification for the massacres in France. As a friend of everyone but Catholics, he feels the need to do so. God forbid, anyone should think he has some sort of preference for Catholicism.

In doing so, he puts his foot in his mouth in several ways: he hints at physical violence even with a friend; whilst staying near him, as an answer to an insulting remark. No dialogue, no love, no forgiveness, not even a cutting reproach. No, it must be a punch. He makes even the gesture in front of the journalists.

But you see, Muslims have just left a pool of blood behind them, and they must be helped.

What an evil idiot. What an evil idiot. What an evil idiot.

Then the other reamrk, which you will find if you look around (no time now to search). In the same breath, he compares insult to murder, saying something on the lines of “we cannot insult or murder in the name of religion”.

Francis, you you old fool, the two are quite different. You can’t even affirm the Truth of the Catholic Church without this being an insult to all Muslims! Shall you, therefore, not even profess your Catholic faith?

Oh, wait. Now I understand….

Someone please tell this man to shut up, and only read from written speeches.


The Blessed Virgin And The Dirty Pope

Francis, The Recovering Catholic.

I am a Buddhist. So what? Who are you to judge?

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) travel to Asia and lands in Sri Lanka.

He is supposed to meet his bishops, but he is too tired. The meeting is cancelled.

Then Francis, ahem, recovers and feels better. Does he meet the bishops then? Not to my knowledge, no. Give me a shout if I have missed it. Was he still too tired for them? Who knows.

Francis might in the have been advised to meet his bishop, because you can't always flake lim it's a Beethoven concert at the Vatican. He is, though, enough full of energy to visit a Buddhist temple, and to take part, in some way, in some heathenish religious ceremony. It is, as I write, still unclear to what extent an element of heathen worship was entailed in the Pope's behaviour. Still, there he was. No fatigue there. Must have been the cameras.

But wait: perhaps the visit was scheduled? No, it was not scheduled. It was spontaneous and officially unplanned. Exactly the contrary of the meeting with the bishops, which was actually planned, and pretty much expected.

The way you employ your time says a lot about your priorities.

To me, the way Francis employs his time says an awful lot about what kind of Christian (much less Catholic) he is. He is going around playing Recovering Catholic, and profiting of the prestige of his position to downplay at every turn the very religion he represents. I wonder how many Catholics still understand that outside of the Church there is no salvation, and how many think Dalai Lama-ing around is in any way, shape or form Christian behaviour.

Should resign, move his black shoes to the next Buddhist temple and stay there for as long as the Lord allows him to remain. In true poverty and humility, of course.

It would be still stupid, and still de facto apostasy. But in its stupidity and de facto apostasy it would at least be coherent.




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