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Another day of bittersweet news, as the Belgian police foils a multiple attack on their own policemen.

Belgium has a good number of Muslim immigrants, and apparently the European record of nutcases who have traveled to Syria in proportion to the inhabitants. One sees the fruits of the “tolerant” (actually:senseless) immigration policy of the last decades; and as one is relieved to know that there were no victims (the killed terrorists do not count), it is chilling to think what scenario could have developed, only nine days after the Charlie Hebdo attack.


This attack was foiled. How many will not be possible to foil is anyone's guess. If you listen to British MI5 officers, it is entirely unrealistic to think they could stop them all.


Still, one begins to see the beginning of a reaction. I have written some days ago that the legal framework would have to be reworked to adjust to the new situation. We are today informed that Belgium is thinking of measures that would allow them to “expand the cases where Belgian citizenship can be revoked (for dual nationals) for those thought to pose a terror risk”. The quote is from a BBC article. The details and guarantees are not known. But it is clear there is no intention to wait for convictions for other criminal offences: being a credible threat would be enough.


This is a first encouraging signal of where things might be going: a legal framework meant to enable the European Governments to tackle the problem effectively, making of Europe an unsavoury place to plot massacres and an hostile environment for Muslim propaganda.


In time, this will help develop among the populace the idea that lack of identification with basic Western values means having to leave the West. Give it a generation or two, and see European Muslims decrease both in number and motivation. Give it four or five, and see them extinct in a fully peaceful manner.


Europe needs a new legal framework allowing it to face a threat for which its existing structures are not prepared. A structure in which the endless bullying and whining of “human rights lawyers” makes place for a simplified, faster system deprived of political correctness, fully uncaring of the “human rights situation” of the Country of destination, and hopefully equipped with basic cautions like those used in Italy in the past in certain situations (anonymous judges, for once; ideally, all of them men).


We are far away from this. Nowadays every Pakistani man can say to the British immigration authorities that he is a persecuted homosexual, and I assure you he will get asylum out of “human rights” motives, and clearly because of the terror of this stupid government in front of the Gaystapo. This man could be a simple scrounger; or he could be the one who makes the next massacre. You also know, if you are among those who know, that women are easily intimidated by such subjects. We must wake up and adapt to reality.


It is unrealistic, and unjust, to think that millions of honest, law-abiding citizens with passport and mortgage can – or should – be simply kicked out. But it is not unrealistic, and it is fully legitimate, to demand from the Muslims on our territory that whilst in the West, they do as the Western do.


Women with covered faces are a security risk. Halal meat is cruel to animals. Monumental mosques are not in touch with European culture. Infibulation and forced marriages must be repressed with utter brutality. There must be no regard for Muslim prayer times in factories, schools, and elsewhere. Muslim communities must become the object of massive police and secret services infiltration.


I am not draming here. I am describing pretty well the framework of countries like Italy or Germany only a few decades ago. Well-ordered, well-developed Western Democracies. Democracies, though, which knew that being democratic does not mean to have to accommodate everything and everyone.


Not compatible with orthodox Islam?


Tough luck.


Get out.









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  1. Mundabor, when are you running for the European Parliament?

  2. Mundy, you’re Mr. Common Sense! BTW, I’m glad you mentioned halal meat as being cruel to animals. I’ve seen videos of halal slaughter, and it’s horribly cruel.

    • “Halal” meat was forbidden in Germany in past, more sensible times. Lawfare put an end to that, because the German constitutional court worships blind “equality” without regard for concrete situations, and without considering the obvious differences between massacring an animal or not.

      The Germans, and many others, are switching their brains off. They will reap what they sow.


  3. And a crucifix in every classroom! One day (sigh!).

    • In Italy they are still there!

      Interestingly, they are there to protect the cultural dimension of Catholicism, still deeply respected by the vast majority of Italians.

      This is another way that shows how to do it.


  4. The problem with “the idea that lack of identification with basic Western values means having to leave the West” in our modern secular context to all probability will imply that all who lack to identify with modern secular morality will face serious problems. The required “identification” will make outcasts of all who express serious moral reservations about issues like homosexuality and the whole LGTB and gender agenda. This includes traditional Catholics, Protestants and Jews, i.e. all who subscribe to the basic moral imperatives of the Bible. Traditional faithful people thus find themselves in the devilish dilemma that in order to combat the threat of Islamization they have to invoke the forces of modern secularism.

    • Not really.

      As long as it is forbidden to eat halal meat, but not to criticise faggotry, the first will force the orthodox to leave the country, and the second won’t.

      This is, by the way, the reason why freedom of expression is so vital for us in this particular moment, though not the catholic ideal.

      When that goes out of the door, persecution gets in from the window.


  5. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    For those who hold on to the belief that faithful Muslims can be assimilated, Mr. Messori lists some impressive facts about Islam, and relates the true story of a Catholic convent whose honest, trustworthy hard working Muslim employee, after many years, was felt by all to have become a true member of their spiritual family.
    – Seeing him return from mosque one Friday, looking dejected, after considerable effort, the Superior was finally able to learn the reason. His Imam had instructed that the Koran wills, ” on the day of the triumph of Allah and his Prophet…all infidels who don’t make a profession of faith, at once will have to be killed.”
    -But, the worker assured him: ” have no fear Father, you know that I love all of you. I know what to do if I have to kill you. I’ll find the way not to make you suffer.”

  6. Get Out. yes. We will throw you out again, just like Spain did. God willing.

    • I do not think this will happen.
      I think an awful lot of European Muslims really do not give a Mohammed for Islam. No, seriously.
      They would stay and get on with their lives, and would be gradually cleansed from the rubbish. Their children would not be Muslim in any recogniseable way. Their nephews would be Christians (God willing).
      Only the truly orthodox would see no other solution than leave.

  7. Doesn’t banning halal meat also mean, in effect, that one would have to ban kosher meat as well? I think Denmark has already done this [banned both] and guess what – they’re getting labeled as anti-Semitic.

    Not going to sit well with the Nostra Aetate cheerleading squad.

    • I do not know, and do not care.
      I would do – if I were the Duce – as the Italian governments did in the past.
      No accusations of antisemitism, and everyone understood the implications of a Country that takes his roots seriously.

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