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Pope Says Three Catholic Phrases. Pollyannas Are Delighted.



In a very small whiff of fresh air in the stench in which we are living, Pope Francis has said two or three things which really sound Catholic. Look at the Patheos crowd delighting in being able to tell themselves the Pope is orthodox, after having waited 12 hours for the broken clock to show the right time.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s as bad as that: Francis must only say a couple of words vaguely resembling Catholicism every couple of months, and the enthusiastic following of the blind is assured to him.

The words aren’t even so strong, not by any standard of even V II Popes. From what I could read he does not give strong warnings, merely some words of encouragement on abortion, and some very veiled words against so-called “same sex marriage”. There is no mention of murder of the unborn, no mention of dangers for the soul. And it’s clear this Pope mentions dangers for the soul anytime this is convenient to his agenda (mafiosi, capitalists, or even honest churchgoers who are “dead inside”).

I have read no mention of “culture of death”; no mention of hell, Satan, punishment. He praises a very weak Pope, and shows even in his “strongest” moments he can’t manage to be stronger than Pope Paul VI in his lack of decisiveness and incisiveness, basically having one encyclical to show for 13 years of disastrous Pontificate. 

The mention of so-called same-sex marriage is so veiled it can’t even be safely attributed to the topic, in another show of blatant Jesuitism. Even those rare words of Catholic sanity (requested, I think, from the local clergy because of the recent confrontation about contraception) are a very poor show. But hey, the Pollyannas happily eat excrements every day. Give them tofu once, they’ ll think it’s tiramisu’.

Lastly, let me measure this Pope with his own, very famous words: if the contracepting and faggot-marrying Philipinos are in good faith, and seek the Lord, and follow their conscience, who is he to judge?

The man destroys the very basis of Catholicism. Then people praise him when he happens to say something resembling it. Which, for heaven’s sake, even Satan himself could and would do.




“The Francis Papers”: Now More Than Sixty Blog Posts Linked.

Christ The King

Christ The King



The page you see on top of the page, “The Francis Papers”, now contains more than sixty links to just as many blog posts illustrating this Pontificate. It is now updated to the end of November 2013, which means it contains all the relevant blog posts to that day concerning inter alia

1) The “Civilta’ Cattolica” 12,000 words interview. 

2) The letter to Dr Scalfaro, published on “Repubblica”.

3) The famous “Scalfaro interview”, the 5,000 words heretical rubbish full of heresies, and whose paternity the Vatican tries to deny. Francis clearly was of a different opinion.

4) Evangelii Gaudium, the 50,000 words’ “exhortation” including Francis’  by now notorious “Rubbishnomics”. 

Have fun (or anger, as the case may be). 

Francis the Clown

Francis the Clown

Click richly if you have time. 

If you like what you read, try to make a mental note of the variety and scale of the attacks to Catholicism, so that if you are asked what you think of the man you don;t stop at one or two arguments. 

If you think this effort useful, direct to this site everyone who wants to open his eyes. 

If you have a blogger, feel free to link to this site from yours. if you do, please acknowledge my paternity of the work on your blog.  

I must say, I had forgotten many of the blunders and heresies myself.

The man is the wreck ball that keep on wrecking. 

St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle. 






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