Pope Says Three Catholic Phrases. Pollyannas Are Delighted.



In a very small whiff of fresh air in the stench in which we are living, Pope Francis has said two or three things which really sound Catholic. Look at the Patheos crowd delighting in being able to tell themselves the Pope is orthodox, after having waited 12 hours for the broken clock to show the right time.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s as bad as that: Francis must only say a couple of words vaguely resembling Catholicism every couple of months, and the enthusiastic following of the blind is assured to him.

The words aren’t even so strong, not by any standard of even V II Popes. From what I could read he does not give strong warnings, merely some words of encouragement on abortion, and some very veiled words against so-called “same sex marriage”. There is no mention of murder of the unborn, no mention of dangers for the soul. And it’s clear this Pope mentions dangers for the soul anytime this is convenient to his agenda (mafiosi, capitalists, or even honest churchgoers who are “dead inside”).

I have read no mention of “culture of death”; no mention of hell, Satan, punishment. He praises a very weak Pope, and shows even in his “strongest” moments he can’t manage to be stronger than Pope Paul VI in his lack of decisiveness and incisiveness, basically having one encyclical to show for 13 years of disastrous Pontificate. 

The mention of so-called same-sex marriage is so veiled it can’t even be safely attributed to the topic, in another show of blatant Jesuitism. Even those rare words of Catholic sanity (requested, I think, from the local clergy because of the recent confrontation about contraception) are a very poor show. But hey, the Pollyannas happily eat excrements every day. Give them tofu once, they’ ll think it’s tiramisu’.

Lastly, let me measure this Pope with his own, very famous words: if the contracepting and faggot-marrying Philipinos are in good faith, and seek the Lord, and follow their conscience, who is he to judge?

The man destroys the very basis of Catholicism. Then people praise him when he happens to say something resembling it. Which, for heaven’s sake, even Satan himself could and would do.




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  1. There might be more to it than just “fresh air”. On the MondayVatican blog from the 12 of Jan, we get this:

    “It is indelicate to speak about the next Conclave while any pope is reigning. However, the current circulation of rumors signals that maneuvers over the next papacy have already begun. If the secret war over the synod and curial reforms can be said to be the most immediate issue on people’s minds, there is nevertheless a longer-term war they are also thinking about.”

    Supposedly the author, one Gagliarducci is part of the homo-lobby. Although if you know better, please correct me. And reading between the lines, it looks like the Germans might be thinking that Francis has outlived his usefulness.

    Don’t know if you follow the From Rome blog and the Team Bergoglio situation, but before Francis left for PI, he called some of the players in. And card. Burke as well. So it appears that this might be part of something larger.

    And it could be that Francis is looking for new friends. 🙂


    • I do not understand why everyone seems to think this papacy veering towards the end.
      The man seems rather healthy to me.

    • I do not think it has to do so much with age as with a potential resignation. It would appear that Bergoglio gave his backers some “assurances” that he would eventually follow Benedict and resign. It is this eventuality that Team Bergoglio is planning for, as rumor has it.

      As to his health, I ran across one iphone video in which Francis was speaking with some guests. And on this video one could clearly detect that he has a hard time breathing. With all the weight he has put on lately, it is not a good sign.


    • Ah! But who in his right mind would believe one single word that this man says?

      The breathing must be the weight that he has humble put on, together with the lung problem.

      I wonde, though: if I were Mark or Kasper, to me Francis would be the best of all possible heretical world. Wouldn’t they hope this ride goes on for a long time, rather than run the risk of a conclave with another “surprise”, this time unpleasant for them?


    • Are you referring to Gagliarducci when you ask ‘who would believe…”?

      If you recall, during the Synod, Kasper was given some sort of an award in Vienna. During the ceremony, he said something about long term plan for a remake of the Church. The risk for these folks is that Francis goes too “bat shit crazy”, and the rest of the red hats, even the friendly ones will not back the Lehmann/Kasper candidate. It happen with Wojtyla and Ratzinger. It could happen again.


    • No, I mean in general.

      The man has such a big mouth that I do not think anyone could believe a word of what he says.

      he will simply say what sounds good in the moment.


  2. Francis usually veers off into social issues. To say Paul VI was a hero because he saw that people would stop having children is not the same as saying that contraceptive acts are against man’s nature and God’s law. If Francis said the latter, the crowds would most likely disperse! Contraception would seem like a non-issue to a pope who feels Catholics are wrong to “obsess” over abortion. I’m unable to find a new or hopeful trend when reading the link provided by S. Armaticus.

  3. Dear M.
    One of the Catholic things he said may be when he praised Paul VI for the courageous Humanae Vitae, but he then said that Paul VI “asked confessors to be particularly compassionate and understandable for particular cases.” (A case of one step forward, two steps back?) What do you think he meant by “particular cases”, NFP?

    • I did not know how to interpret it, because confessors are always compassionate.

      On father Z’s blog I have read another interpretations: you will get the green light. But a confessor cannot do that, so it cannot be this.

      As we say in Italy, I think he needed to give some air to his teeth.


  4. Mixing the orthodox with a pot pourri of raving nonsense and some downright heresy (eg BVM accusing God of lying, although that could be equally filed under nonsense) is a standard tactic of the Francis type.

  5. Dear M,
    Okay, we’ll “bite” Would you please explain what the Italian saying “give some air to his teeth” means? -never heard that one before.. 🙂 🙂

    -We found several opinions on line, including hissing: “tsk tsk”- ing, responding to your mechanic sayings he ” can fix it but it’ll cost you”, and the sound you make when you bang your knee–.none of which seems to fit, — as you said Francis “needed” to do it…

    • Means to open one’s mouth and talk nonsense just to say something and hear one’s voice, or – in one of those colourful image for which we Italians are so beloved – because he thought his teeth needed some fresh air instead of staying locked when he, as he should, keeps his mouth shut…


  6. What Francis might have said then and what he intends now will be entirely different. I can’t imagine he would willingly give up the adulation of the crowd.

  7. Just read a report on the TCM FB re the Pope’s definition of responsible parenthood which included a remark on not “breeding like rabbits”. This is a really coarse thing to say and as one of 7 children, I am wholly shocked by it.

  8. The pollyannas had their throw-away line, so now the self-negating bomb was detonated on the plane back.


    He now resumes his regularly scheduled programming.

    • It’s indicative that the men could not shut up for even a handful a days.
      Every now and then, it is suggested to him that he says something Catholic.
      Then it’s back to clown mode.


  9. As a teacher of mathematics I can tell you that if you saw an attempted solution to a problem that required many true statements correctly put together, and only three of those statements are true, you have no solution at all. Even if the majority of statements are true, the argument can’t be trusted:

    All dogs have four legs. ( true )
    All cats have four legs. ( true )
    All cats are dogs. ( No ? … Who am I to judge ? … They all go to Heaven … No?.. )

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