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Selective Backpedaling



"... and will you do something about the Guards, Frankie dear?..."

No backpedaling on *this*, for sure…

We have just witnessed a clear backpedaling on “Rabbitgate”. This shows that TMAHICH reads around, or at least listens to two or three people who do, and when he thinks something is out there on the planet which does not correspond to his (if you believe him) or Catholic teaching he can, actually, react very fast.

Then one is tempted to ask: what does this mean for all the cases in which there was no correction?

What about the Argentinian woman going around saying that Francis told her to go and receive communion, scandal and adultery and all? Has he corrected this perception?

What about the many blasphemous or heretical statements (from the Blessed Virgin who might have thought “Lies!” on the foot of the Cross; to God that limits Himself to a slap on the wrist; to Jesus who deceived His disciples, & Co, & Co.) uttered by his own very mouth? Has he ever issued a clear backpedaling on them?

What about the “who am I to judge?” slogan, possibly the most obviously subversive statement ever uttered by a reigning Pontiff? Has he issued a clarification about the evil of homosexuality, and the grave sin of sodomy, just so everyone knows what the obvious teaching of the Church is?

Er… ummm… let me think…

No. He never did anything of the sort. And when you look at my Francis Papers page, you see that the list is very long.

Actually, he had the gut to call Cardinal Kasper’s sacrilegious heresies about giving Communion to adulterers “theology on one’s knees”, and “profound and serene theology”. No retraction on that, either. Rather, we had the delirious relatio post disceptationem, of which even my cat knows Francis was the perpetrator and driving force.

So, Francis can retract when he sees that the planet got his words – said, or said to have been said – in a sense not compatible with Catholicism.

He did it in this case. He never did it in the other cases.

What does this tell us?



Identity Without Christianity

Mundabor's Blog

The Pope stated the obvious objection to his own view that one must not proselytize but rather dialogue and “walk with” people: “But, brother Pope, this is what we are doing, but perhaps we are converting no one or very few people….” Indeed! And the Pope’s answer: “But you are doing it anyway: with your identity, you are hearing the other.”

The idea that one can convert others merely by displaying one’s “identity” and “hearing the other” would have sounded like utter nonsense to the martyrs of Korea, who were put to death for preaching the Gospel in order to convert and save souls in keeping with the divine commission. And those same martyrs would probably have not believed it if they were told that one day a Pope would say this to the bishops of Asia: “And the Lord will grant his grace: sometimes he will move hearts and…

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“Rabbitgate”: Francis Backpedals In Shame, Deflects To Socialist Propaganda.


The day of shame came fast and hard. This time, even Francis felt the need to save some shred of respectability, and went into damage control mode.

I quote:

“Healthy families are essential to the life of society.

“It provides us with consolation and hope to see so many large families who welcome children as a gift from God.

“These families know that each child is a blessing.”

Well, the man might have read my blog yesterday, though I seriously doubt it. His words certainly echo the criticism that has rained from all over the world, whilst the usual idiots preferred to focus on the parts that were not immediately controversial.

Someone please tell him – better: shout to him: the man is stubborn and hard of understanding – to just stop with this ridiculous interview-giving and improvising and putting oneself on the pedestal, and to stick to only uttering scripted words, vetted and approved in advance by Catholics above suspicion; which excludes most Jesuits, Francis included.

What has happened, though, is also noticeable: as the Pope furiously backpedaled from a stupid thing he said, he could not resist from saying another one: that, as it was reported, “the global economic system is the primary cause of poverty, rather than overpopulation”.

This is not a literal quotation of the Pope, though it echoes what he has said many times.

It escapes the man – or perhaps not – that this is typical socialist, “alternative”, in the end subversive thinking; that corruption, not Capitalism, is the problem; that the Countries with the lowest corruption, globally considered, tend to be the richest ones; that some of the poorest and most troubled Countries, particularly in Africa, are very rich in resources; and that the stupid populism of the kind promoted by him is the reason why many South American Countries go from one crisis to the next, as politicians without scruples cater to the social envy of the people.

Will Frankie learn the lesson now, and stick to the script? Don’t bet your pint. His willingness to try to have a stupid slogan forgotten by spitting another stupid slogan is truly in the style of the man. What we have here is an old nincompoop full of himself, generally out of control and unable to think before he opens that blessed mouth of his, which he does all the time.  This time, he has merely decided it was too much for him to simply shut up as he always does.






Fourth Child? You Are “About Wrong”, Dear…



“I believe that three children per family, from what the experts say, is the key number for sustaining the population”.

This unbelievably stupid words are quoted as the retarded brainchild of the Bishop of Rome, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH),  Pope Francis The Great Clown.

If you do not believe me, click here.

This is a perfect example of the evil arrogance of this man. I doubt I will able to detect all the profiles of “wrongness” of such a phrase in the short time of a blog post.

“What the experts say”. WTF? (What The Francis?). Where have the Bible or Catholic Doctrine ever told that “three is the key number” for anything concerning the population?

“I believe that”. WTF? (see above). Does this man ever think like a Catholic, and accepts that there are greater truths than what he believes? The issues of birth are at the very core of Christian thinking. It’s not like believing that black makes one thin. A Pope should tell us what the Church teaches, he should instil in us love for traditional Catholic thinking! I don’t give a Francis for what he believes, and nor should you.

“Sustaining the population”. WTF? (again!). From Francis’ Bible:

“And you, be ye fruitful, and follow the experts’ advice; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and sustain the population therein”.

Has this man ever had a grain of Christianity in his stupid head, choosing to become a Jesuit merely in order to scrounge a comfortable existence? There’s is nothing Christian in the way this man thinks and speaks. He actually goes out of his way to let you know that he thinks very differently! And he does it all the time!


So, what were you, dear reader?

Were you a fourth child? Your birth was then, according to Francis, “about wrong”.

Were you the fifth child? You were very probably wrong.

Did your mother already had a Cesarean Section? You were so wrong, that your mother “tempted God”!

J.S. Bach’s first wife died by giving birth to her thirteenth child. If you follow Francis, how impious is that? Rabbits, clearly rabbits! They tempted God*! That’s why she died!

On another note, I remember as a child that there were people around called “Quarto” (“Fourth”), “Quinto” (“Fifth”), or the like. The name was there to signal the thankfulness for the grace of abundant offspring. How the times have changed…

Be in good spirit, my dear reader.

If Francis thinks you should really not have been born, according to what the experts say, this is proof it was a great blessing you were.





* Yes. He said that too. That’s the fourth WTF, then…

Thank God, No Papal Encyclical On Poverty.

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The Text:

Vatican official says not to expect papal encyclical on poverty

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — An official at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace said that, despite widespread news reports and the statement of an Italian bishop, he does not expect Pope Francis to write an encyclical on the subject of poverty. “If you asked (the pope) he would probably say to you, ‘Why do we need an encyclical? What is the encyclical supposed to tell us that we don’t already know?'” said Jesuit Father Michael Czerny. In May, Bishop Luigi Martella of Molfetta, Italy, wrote that the pope had recently told him and other bishops of Italy’s Puglia region that he was planning an encyclical on poverty, “understood not in an ideological and political sense, but in an evangelical sense.” The bishop said the encyclical would be called “Beati Pauperes” (“Blessed Are the Poor”). But Father…

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