“Pastor Angelicus”: The Full Movie!


I do not remember having ever posted this. I think the only thing I had found up to now was a 10-minutes excerpt.

But now we have the full movie, 75 minutes of intense Catholic beauty.

Besides being so useful to better know this great man, the documentary also gives interesting insights into the inner workings of the Vatican, and the daily life of a Pope when Popes did not choose to live under the roof of their perverted protégées.

The film is in Italian, and with no subtitles. Those among my readers who are Spanish speakers should be able to cope rather well; the others will have to know Italian, or enjoy the images… 😉

The presence of the man is sheer unbelievable. It is as if he filled the screen, but not with himself. Look at him on 40:15 to 40:20 and tell me whether those five seconds aren’t more powerful than the entire Pontificate of Francis The Destroyer. Look at the car ride starting from 51:19 to know how things are made in the proper way, or from 1:12:23 for a comparison with the Red Nose Pope. I think it’s OK to weep.

An immense patrimony of Catholicism has been squandered by Vatican II, and this madness has in turn generated an open hostility to Catholicism now raging from the very top, from the Sea of Peter.

A Sea where we have no Pastor Angelicus anymore.

Rather, a Lupus Diabolicus




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  1. Thank you for this wonderful film, and memories of the Pope of my childhood and Catholic elementary school years, when all Roman Catholics were Trads …and Rome was filled with Italians. What a shock to us when Pius XII died for it was difficult for us eighth graders to comprehend that anyone else could be pope! Let us pray for the canonization of this saintly Pope.

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