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Crocodile Tears

Don’t be sad, Frankie; people don’t get you…

The Bishop of Rome let it be known how so awfully sorry he was that “Rabbitgate” upset the Catholic world.

It wasn’t his fault, you see.

It was the Press. The missing “context”. The weather. The moon phase. The locusts.

Never mind that a video tells the lie on his hypocrisy. Never mind that his words are perfectly in tune with his UN, climate-change-scare agenda. The Most Astonishing Hypocrite in Church History (TMAHICH) does not care for such minutiae. It is so, because he says so. He never cares about what he says, but you must believe every word anyway.

Liar. Hypocrite. Whitened sepulchre.

If this man had a shred of dignity or decency left in him, he would do what every decent person would do in his position and put an end altogether to off-the-cuff comments and spontaneous interviews – which he doesn’t like giving, TMAHICH said… -, strictly limiting himself to reading from a carefully worded script, written by a Catholic.

Even if he believed in his own good faith, he would have to recognise that he has neither the intellect nor the knowledge nor the linguistic ability to say three intelligible phrases in a row, or to talk for more than one minute without revealing a deep disagreement with Church teaching and tradition. A man in good faith would draw the consequences and do what wise Popes – far superior to him in every respect – did, and limit himself to clear, concise, Catholic teaching instead of vomiting around his own brand of Peronism.

Do you think he will do it? Do you think the man so “saddened” by the scandal he causes will cease to cause scandal? Don’t hold your breath. After the crocodile tears will come another scandal.

Circus Bergoglio is in full swing. The show must go on. The next blunder is just around the corner.

Can a Pope be incapacitated for manifest lack of brain function? Probably not.

A pity.






CoE: Next Stop Is Bishop Trannie

Slated for “ordination” around 2030. Muuuuhh!

Today the BBC has televised the joke ordination of a joke “priestess” to joke “bishopette” of the joke called “Church of England”. Can’t remember the name of the female, but don’t worry: tomorrow the entire Country will not be able to do any better.

 The event is most notable for the absence of people – bar a couple of professional blabberers – willing to even take notice of it. It is as if, with it, the pathetic joke called CoE would scream to the country: “look at me! I exist! I am still alive!”, and the Country would not even deign the pathetic joke of a bored glimpse to acknowledge that yeah, they know. If the CoE were to announce its disbandment tomorrow, I doubt most would be able to remember it next week.

 This is a vicious circle or, this being the CoE, I would say a perverted one. First, you become irrelevant by being stupid and prostituted to the people. Then you become even more stupid hoping to be noticed, but you become more irrelevant instead. Thinking you have not been “progressive” and “relevant” enough, you become more stupid still. More irrelevance follow.

Today, the Circus of Effeminacy tried to attract your attention with “women bishop”; tomorrow it will be trannie bishops; the day after tomorrow, dog and cat bishops. As the circus becomes more and more effeminate (half of the “priests” females, and half of the male “priests” wishing they were females) we will witness a tsunami of kindergarten sentimentality in which not only the last remnants of sin are thrown out of the window, but sin and perversion are celebrated everywhere in an orgy of sugary inclusiveness.

There is no reason whatever why a modern “Circus of Effeminacy” fake priest of either sex would feel any kind of discomfort at being assigned a parish in Sodom or Gomorrah. He or she would make a lot of jokes for the benefit of the few old fags and dykes who attend the “mass”, whilst encouraging them to be “open to each other”, “accept the other into oneself” (oh but they do! They do!) and other tofu talk meaning perfectly nothing. The, the “priests”, would not find in Sodom a better audience than in London. But not for lack of accommodation and outright sycophancy, for sure.

 And so there we are. A day awaited for decades by the worst elements finds even the worst elements not interested in the event.

 Will the unavoidable trannie “bishop” improve things for the CoE? I very much doubt.

 There is only one Church. With all Her troubles, it is the one that Christ founded on Peter.

 O you Anglican reader, recover some dignity and use this day to open your eyes, and accept the Truth of the Only Church. Save your soul, and your face with it. Still it is not too late.

One day, it will probably be.






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