A Shame To His Own Priests

The papal doctor was somewhat alarmed...

The papal doctor was somewhat alarmed…


It seems that “Rabbitgate” has caused the eruption of pent-up clerical frustration concerning this Pontificate. You see it not only in the blogs run by Catholic priests, but also in the homilies one hears (and I hear) around. In short, the healthy clergy are busy warning their sheep about the Pope.

A rather striking example of this is in the blog “Triregnum”, which has the translation of an open letter sent to the Pope. The author, a Parisian priest whom I suppose anonymous (but not so much, from the details he gives) expresses in a pithy way not only the confusion among his sheep but, more relevantly, the fact that even for a priest it is becoming more and more difficult to believe in the good faith of the man. A man believed by more and more of his colleagues more than just an embarrassment, rather an agent of evil.

This is how far we have gone. It is important that we do not run to the help of the Pope Peron by asking that he be left alone once he has backpedaled on his statements. In this case, the statements reveal the man, and the backpedaling reveals his hypocrisy.

Unless one distances himself from this Pontificate, one distances himself from the Church; because the first is the enemy of the second.

Many a priest, bishop, and Cardinal will go all the way in their desire to help Francis to destroy a church in which they do not believe. They might well become the majority one day. But it is consoling to know that there are still good priests – and be they polluted by V II ideology to some extent – who can still recognise what they have to deal with during this Pontificate.

May Francis’ reign be of short duration, and covered in shame afterwards. It seems to me there are many priests sharing this wish.





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  1. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    Our Creator offers His children many words of wisdom about our human nature, and how events play out over time, if we fail to heed His warnings, and make lying a part of our lives. Though we’ve come to trust Him about all of it, without any further proof; we have to admit it’s comforting and hope-boosting to see examples such as those you often point out here.
    Thank you .

    Proverbs 26:
    v.24 “An enemy is known by his lips, when in his heart he entertaineth deceit.”
    v.26 “He that covereth hatred deceitfully, his malice shall be laid open in public ”
    v.27 “He that diggeth a pit, shall fall into it.”

    Modernism is headed right into one. May our work and prayers help free souls from it’s clutches.

  2. Petrus Rabbitus : ” The wabbit is out of the bag. Waskiily wabbit! “

  3. A pit, or perhaps …

    … a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow …

  4. Early on in this abominable pontificate, my parish bulletin would trot out a Francis quotation. Now, over the past few months, those quotes have vanished. I take that as a subtle sign that the priests of the parish are realizing the disgrace he is.

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