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What Would Satan Do? Francis And The Condemnation Of Catholic Apologetics



Today, Kindergarten Pope has given us another little sermon about how bad we are when we insist on being Catholics. Not only conversion (we knew that already), but even honest to God Catholic apologetics is now clearly a no-no. Shut up already, will you? Your Catholicism is “self-enclosed”, “exclusive”. It creates “competition”. It is divisive. It does not do anything for the unity of the Christians. You are bad. Don’t ya know that “all of us are at the service of the one Gospel!”?

Whenever you hear some off-the-cuff comment ask yourself: what would Satan do? You will notice he would probably do just like TMAHICH.

 For those who are past kindergarten age, and have grown past kindergarten brain, some words might be useful.

Religions are made of differences. Religions are differences. What defines us as Catholics is not what we have in common with other religions or with other Christians. What makes us Catholics as opposed to everyone else is exactly that in which we are different from all the others.

When we stand up in Church and recite the Creed, we do nothing else than stand up and state our difference, solemnly proclaiming what divides us from others. Actually, and if we really want to be authentically Catholic, we are stating what divides the others from us, from the One True Church of Christ. If we did not do so, we would simply not deserve to be called Catholics.

What Francis’ true stance is concerning the Creed, the Dogmas specific to Catholicism, and the entire patrimony of unique Catholic Truth is very easy to grasp: to him, they are obstacles in that they “divide” Christians; and we are “bent on imposing a uniformity based on merely human calculations”. Therefore, in so far as they lead to Catholic apologetics (which, by their very nature, they must necessarily do) these Truths of the Church must be, according to Francis, an enemy to “peace” among the Christians, to this famed “union” of people just meeting and discussing of … what is utterly obvious to all of them.

A union, this, which – like the rest of Francis’ thinking, talking and acting – is clearly perverted. The “union” that Francis has in mind does not consist in others becoming Catholics (and how could they, if the attitude to conversion is “no, no, no!”? How can this happen even by a happy, subtle, gradual process, if even apologetics is not desired?), rather this “union” seems to consist in Catholics and all the others “meeting” somewhere “out there”, in a vague and utterly undefined region where Truth just does not count and which can, therefore, only be in hell.

To “focus on what unites us” is just a hypocritical, subtle, satanic way of saying that we should “forget the truths for which we stand”. There can be no other meaning, then we have to deal with Truth here, not with the pitiful decision to avoid football talk in the home of the fresh Champions League Final losers.

Did Jesus focus on what “united” him to the Pharisees and Sadducees? Did he say to us that He is the Son of Man but hey, chill out dude, whatever, the most important thing is to get along? Did He ask Peter to focus on what unites him to, say, the Essenes? What does Francis think, that Jesus’ Cross is the product of ecu-maniacal thinking and “meeting the other half way”?

This man is subversive every day. Every thought of his is profoundly anti-Catholic. He appears so festered, so rotten in his hate for the Church that – as “Rabbitgate” clearly showed – he is even unable to realise how easily and naturally he goes against Her all the time. The man truly has no clue even when he is faking it. He is an amateur even at being a Jesuit.


Forget what unites us. Focus on what divides us instead. “Unity” away from Truth means being disunited from God, and united with the world and his false promises of cheap mutual delusion. The only thing that stays between us and Francis’ “unity” is… Christ. We stand by Christ’s Truth, we stand by His Cross. This is what counts. But hey: the moment you are ready to forget Christ everything falls into place, becomes so easy, and becomes so… Francis. I love vanilla, you love chocolate, let’s not quarrel about that…

We are different. And we are, by the by, the only shop in town. We proudly proclaim what separates us from every other religion or “denomination”. We proudly proclaim the Truth of this difference, make of it our banner, and move to the conquest – that is: the conversion – of those who are wrong. Which is: all others.

When I am so old and gone in the head that I am unable to eat anything else than semolina, the stupid kindergarten “wisdom” of Francis might – just might, and according to brain function decay – make an impression on me. But certainly not before. This rhetoric is at the cheapest level of stupidity imaginable in a Pope. It is the negation of what a Pope is. It is good for the little children and those who have returned to that state. It should deeply offend everyone else.


Francis should consider resigning and wheelchairing off to Venezuela as a defrocked layman. His being Pope is, ipso facto, a huge statement of the Catholic difference, as the Petrine Office is possibly the most immediate, planetary known symbol of what divides us from everyone else. There is nothing else that screams “self-enclosed” and “exclusive” like it. And being a Cardinal, a Bishop or simply a priest means also shouting an entire world of thinking, living and believing in utter contrast to the secular mentality out there.

If Francis were, therefore, coherent, he would resign and abandon the habit, practising what he preaches to his kindergarten audience and becoming just another preacher of good-ism.

But he will not, because by all rhetoric of union he bloody well likes to be the Pope, and savours every minute. TMAHICH.

We are different. We are different from non-Catholics, and we are very different from Francis.

Pray for him that he may discover it before he dies, and acts accordingly. Nothing is impossible to God. But the odds are that he will spend eternity in the company of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Martini. He will have plenty of time to play the “what unites us” game with them, then.

Though I doubt he would like it.


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Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver as seen by Mattia Preti, ca 1640. Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver as seen by Mattia Preti, ca 1640.

If laws do not lead people to Christ then they are obsolete,

Pope Francis, homily of the 13 October 2014, the day of the Relatio post disceptationem. 

[We must avoid] The temptation to neglect the “depositum fidei”, not thinking of themselves as guardians but as owners or masters [of it];

Pope Francis, address to the Synod Fathers, five days later. 


I keep calling him The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, and I hope by now most of my readers understand why. 

Five days after triumphantly  announcing – on the same day of the Relatio which clearly bears his heretical stamp – a new post-Christian era, this man dares to warn us from the temptation of becoming… exactly like him. 

Shameless hypocrite. 

Whited sepulchre. 



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