Off The Cuff: “Rabbitgate” And Wealth

Short pre-bed reflection: could it be that Francis felt the need to “rebuke”, “reprimand”, or “scold” (“rimproverare”) the woman expecting her eight child because… she is well-off?

Look: if the woman had been poor, how are the odds Francis would not have told her that children are a treasure to poor people, and she is a living saint of the borgata, and  is oppressed by the baddy baddy Capitalist system?

Conversely: is it not more probable that, on seeing a model of Catholic virtue (the people he hates most) but from a moneyed background (the people he hates most next, unless they are buddies of his) he would have an immediate hostile reaction and take the first occasion dictated to him by his stupid secular mind to rebuke, reprimand or scold her?

Just saying. We do not know the identity of the woman. But Francis’ reaction seems to indicate he felt a spontaneous hostility for her.

Which points out to these two: devout, and well-off.


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  1. Plausible theory.

    Now get some shut-eye.

  2. Dear M:

    I have another take on this phenomenon like reprimanding the pregnant lady (he sought her out – so it was in the Vatican narrative of the day) or banning apologetics. What I see happening is that Francis and his henchmen are realizing that the largest resistance is actually coming from the priesthood. And being the good Marxist subversive that he is, I wonder if he is not trying to undermine the “process” that produces these priests. Hence, any lady who has a large family is a potential “mother of a priest”. Apologetics are bad because they actually make the priest learn his faith, so that he can argue with the heretics, pagans and you know who. He even said something to the effect that he isn’t interested in “those kind of priest” or that “he would rather have less priests instead of those kind”. I will find the quote. Next, he is “re-frocking” priests who left and got married, so I hear. Think about what kind of signal that sends to faithful clergy. He is basically trying to demoralize them at every opportunity. Just like he is demoralizing the Catholics. Anyways, it is something worth keeping in the back of your mind. But I wouldn’t put it past him.


  3. Dear Mr. Mundabor,

    Thank you for the clear thinking you have shared these past several days on the “rabbit-gate” business. While Francis’ previous mis-steps were disturbing, I felt shock when I first read of the latest wretched interview. And then revulsion when I saw the accompanying video. But a lingering uneasiness grows steadily as does a personal fear of this man and of what fresh ugliness awaits. Unless he turns around or is turned around. Either will do, but quickly!

  4. I would just like to know how you get ANY sleep? I would think that bloggers’ and writers’ minds never shut off, and you crank out these posts like…well…dare I say, rabbits! 😉

    • I follow an internal cycle.

      At times I feel very sick of the situation, then I do not force it and do not write. After a while the all fighting spirit comes back, and then I go back to the keypad.

      I write a lot during “dead” times, but I would prefer not to give more details. I also write fast. I often write in the evening about what I have read in the morning, and prefer to run the risk of smallish inaccuracies rather than spending a long time in checking every source and every statement, as this is not a professional news outlet.

      When you put all together (particularly that I am fast) it works…


  5. I don’t think the woman with the 7 c-sections is real. I think we were told a parable.

    • Ah but in case it would not be a parable, but an invention and a lie.
      In the video already posted, the man indicates with his arm a parish, as if saying “over there”, and thus clearly speaks of a concrete woman in a concrete situation.

  6. Should have wrote “parable” in scare quotes. In any case, can’t some intrepid soul find this woman and get her side of the story? If she’s real, she must have felt humiliated being reprimanded by the pope.

    • It would be in the Italian style to search for her. If she shuts up, no one will ever know.

      I think she will shut up and offer her suffering to the Lord. But I am sure she will feel vindicated.


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