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The usual Rorate Caeli has a beautiful contribution about a document published by the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, which is an organisation (a sort of club, seems to me) including some 600 priests and deacons, presumably not necessarily of the Rad Trad sort.

This document is beautiful in many ways. It is as clear-cut as you never read in typical V II priestly documents, and it is short and pithy so that it can be easily spread around; but most importantly, it contains what can only be seen as an open warning to Francis and his subversive cabal.

This is one of those moments that make it a consolation to run a Catholic blog. As I was reading the text I had the very clear impression that Francis has zero chances of wreaking havoc with the Sacraments without the sort of civil war that will, with all probability, destroy his papacy in life and after death. It was like listening to Aida’s war song: “Guerra! Guerra! Guerra, guerra, guerra!!”

He may well be intentioned to stage another big attack on Catholicism in October. But the real question is whether he will do so in the full knowledge of the consequences for his own Papacy. My impression continues to be that Francis is a paper tiger, and a first-class opportunist. He was tested last October, and put in front of the choice between nuclear conflict and caving in, he chose to cave in and bitch around about how we have one year to grow, or mature, or whatever it was. He may have thought that one year would give him more opportunity to organise himself, but this applies to the Catholic side too.

Francis is cunning, but he is not smart. Hey, he isn’t even able to control himself in front of a microphone. But some of those around him are probably smarter. They know that if Francis attacks, following him may well mean the loss of power, office or even habit when Francis dies. This is a calculation Francis does not really need to make, but they do. They will, when the moment of truth comes, have to make decisions impacting what they hope will still be a long career. I wonder how many will be ready to jump on Francis’ pirate vessel, or rapidly abandon ship when the enemy cannons are in sight.

Francis, on the other hand, is almost eighty. He is as vain as a fifteen-year old girl at her worst. Like her, he is ready to bitch about everyone but is not really willing to have his popular nose smashed hard. He wants to enjoy his years as Pope to the full. His vanity asks to be fed more insistently than the plant in the “little shop of horrors”, and grows possibly even faster. This is not a recipe for an ideological battle.

Che Guevara, bastard as he was, was ready to die every day for his cause, and did not care a straw of what people thought of him. Had he done so, he would have remained in Cuba, basking in his popularity and trying not to rock the boat. But he wasn’t that kind of man, you see. His uncompromising revolutionary stance is what gave him a following of armed desperadoes equally ready to die.

Where is Francis uncompromising revolutionary stance? Where are the desperadoes ready to follow him with no thought of consequences? A head clown running a manège of ambitious circus tools does not seem to me great material for the battle he would have to fight.

If you ask me, Francis will not have his wish. At least, I mean, if the opposition to heresy organises itself and makes its voice heard, as I think it is clearly happening both overtly and covertly. There will be no “growth” in stupidity. The stupid and opportunist would follow him until the going gets tough, but the tough guys (and gals) will bury his papacy.

When the time of having his nose smashed comes, he will prefer to limit himself to some whining and bitching.


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  1. Dear M.
    This is one more example of why you’re not the only one who’s glad you operate a blog right now. Especially after reading anything TMAHICH has said recently, such, clear, logical expression of thought is an oasis in the desert- so refreshing we don’t even care whether or not your predictions and intuitions of his future reactions come true. (as they likely will)
    Thanks for your work. You’re in our daily prayers.
    God Bless.

  2. First, thanks for the Verdi reference. I saw Aïda at the Baths of Caracalla during my one and only trip to Rome some 35 years ago. It still haunts me. Secondly, Mr. M, you know I appreciate your analysis and credit your observation that we are dealing here (in the case of unfaithful bishops) with cowards and bullies. Still, I wonder if, without some visible and concerted protests of a large number of the laity, we can put the stake in the heart of Kasperism. I was at the march for life in DC several days ago, and the thought kept coming to me, if we could amass even 5% of this crowd for, say, a march on the Archdiocesan center of Chicago, what that would mean for the “popular” perception of the state of the Church. Perhaps this is just a wild dream, still, all things ARE possible with God.

    • Kasperism is going to stay with us as long as we live.
      What I think will not happen, is Kasperism taking over after October and sweeping away the Catholic world with its lies.
      All things are possible with God. Punishing us very hard for a long time is, alas, one of them…

  3. Off topic: I recently became aware of a Brazilian Blog , Fratres in Unum in Portuguese but with good English translations that you might want to add to your lists .

  4. The scandals are coming so fast and furious I feel very disoriented. The world is marching to madness on so many fronts. I want to hide my face in Mary’s mantle. Prayer brings peace and your admonitions that the battle has already been won by the Light of the World brings comfort. But boy, it seems like something HUGE is looming.

    • Yes.
      I envy the man who can avoid a temporary sense of great fear and impending doom every now and then. I train myself to think thoughts similar to yours. There is no other way.

  5. Yes, the British CCC’s statement of Church doctrine and the moral reality of marriage and sex is beautiful – because it’s true. Oh, how we are starved of hearing and being taught and instructed and admonished in the enduring truths of the Faith and the moral life.

  6. Modernists love to prattle on about “collegiality” by which they mean transferring power from popes who, unlike the beloved Francis, might occasionally do something actually Catholic, into the hands of heretical bishops. They ran into what I think is the most amazing demonstration of true collegiality in my long lifetime at the Synod and they are still licking their wounds from the much deserved replay of the Battle of Lepanto that occurred there with them playing the role of the unfortunate Ottomans. Now that the Catholic side has drawn blood and has experienced what true collegiality can accomplish as they look out at a sea filled with delightfully smoking Ottoman hulks word is circulating that the Biggest Turk of them all is finding that many of his rat-like henchmen have checked out of their luxury suites at the Hotel Gay Argentina without leaving a forwarding address. Ir is the beginning of the beginning of the end.

    • So beautifully said.

      I share your long-term optimism. I have just published another blog post concerning another one who actually does not want to be seen as “responsible”.


  7. Off Topic :
    Important Petition: rom: “Jane Elliot”
    Sent: Friday, January 30, 2015 12:22:55 PM
    Subject: From Fr. Brian Harrison – Petition for papal statement confirming Catholic doctrine on marriage

    Whatever they do in the Vatican, I’m staying Catholic.

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: January 30, 2015 at 11:22:55 AM EST
    From: “Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer, CRNJ”

    January 30, 2015
    This has been forwarded to you by Dom Daniel Augustine, CRNJ who asks that you sign it and forward it to as many faithful Catholics as possible
    Dear Friends,
    The link below is to a petition first signed by Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, Cardinal Walter Brandmueller, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, among many other prominent Catholic personalities. It filially requests His Holiness Pope Francis, to make a clear statement upholding the traditional, orthodox teaching of the Church on the issues of Holy Communion for the divorced and “remarried”, and homosexual unions. The context of the petition is the present time of preparation for the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family. The petition is being circulated internationally in a number of different languages.

    I have just signed the petition and warmly encourage you to consider not only signing it, but also forwarding it to your own email contacts who you anticipate will be in sympathy with this important initiative. It can be accessed and signed at the following link. This is the kind of petition that needs not just tens, but hundreds of thousands of signatures to make a real impact. (And don’t worry – unlike so many petition drives, this one doesn’t have ‘strings attached’, and I mean tugging at your purse-strings!)

    Let us also pray and make sacrifices during the upcoming Lenten season with the intention that the October Synod and the Holy Father do not yield ground to the relentless and powerful spirit of the world, and firmly uphold Catholic teaching and discipline on these matters which are so vital for the well-being of marriage and the family.

    Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

    Fr. Brian W. Harrison, O.S.

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