Pope Homo? Francis Approved Homoerotic Synod Text, Says Cardinal

The smell of sheep was becoming unbearable

The smell of sheep was becoming unbearable


Pope Francis had, with usual hypocrisy (I do not call him The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, or TMAHICH, for nothing) pretended he was on the sidelines during the synod, allowing the “debate” (including perversion, and sacrilegious undermining of Sacraments) and then intervening at the end like the good uncle who cares for orthodoxy.

Well, that was another blatant lie, as we all knew but is now officially official.

You must notice a couple of revealing elements here. Emphases mine:

1) Cardinal Baldisseri’s bomb: “The documents were all seen and approved by the Pope, with the approval of his presence,” “Even the documents during the [Extraordinary] Synod, such as the Relatio ante disceptatationem [the preliminary report], the Relatio post disceptationem [interim report], and the Relatio synodi [final report] were seen by him before they were published.”

2) The reason Cardinal Baldisseri gives for dropping the bomb: “This point is important not only because of his authority, but also it puts the Secretary General at ease,”

I can see a clear pattern here. Baldisseri is feeling the heat for his scandalous behaviour at the Synod. He is more or less fed up of being identified with it by all the mainstream Catholics (the informed Catholics know Francis was behind everything, because they think). He then separates his responsibility from the one of the Unholy Father, and lets the bomb drop: “don’t blame me”, he says, “this is Francis’ work”.

Baldisseri is obviously the little lapdog of Francis, but it is true that in this case the responsibility for the text lies entirely by Francis. Francis is in charge, Francis read, Francis green lighted the text, Francis answers for it.


Another difficult day for the Pollyannas, then.

But don’t worry. They are stupid enough. They will swallow new excuses.


The text of the relatio, and the scandalous events happened before and after, do demand that we pose the question: is this Pope homosexual?

The relatio post disceptationem was a piece of clearly homoerotic rubbish. It cannot have come from the mind of a normal, healthy, straight man because normal, healthy, straight men are disgusted by homosexuality.

Therefore, even Francis has such a dirty mind that he has some sort of lewd sexual excitement by mixing with sexual perverts (as the latest example of the Trannie has proved once again), or he is homosexual himself, and promotes the homo agenda at every step.

Either very lewd, or outright pervert. Tertium non datur.

I continue to pray for both his immortal soul, and the end of this pontificate.






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  1. Yes,it is truly sad and scandalous that photos of Francis with pro-homosexual and/or known homosexual priests support your argument. His attraction to the active homosexual contingent and its deathstyle is increasingly obvious. What a coup to turn homosexual predators from a threat to the Church into “victims” that the Church intends to champion and introduce into the congregation. (One hopes this move will wake up even the most “sheepish” and “Pollyanna” parents whose children may be the intended targets of such predators now admitted and approved by prominent ecclesiastics.) Recent events–which show only a continued increase in Francis’s attraction–make one question if his “Who am I to judge” statement could be meant literaly!

  2. lord deliver us from Francis

  3. I heard from someone associated with “sedevacants” that they are praying he will live to be one-hundred, because they have received so much attention since his ascension to the papacy.

  4. Homosexual or not he is the Destroyer. He has only one agenda: to create the New Roman Pagan Religion to give worship to the Antichrist. To do this he needs to weed out those annoying traditional Catholics who have no intention of following him to Hell, so he will simply provoke a Schism so that the true Faith goes ” into the wilderness ” while he rallies his adoring flock and convinces them that we orthodox are the heretics to be persecuted, and yes, even to death I believe. He has brilliantly acted the fool to arouse sympathy to buy time to win the circus maximus crowd. We have brought this on ourselves and deserve the Tribulation we are in. A faithless clergy has failed to obtain a true consecration of Russia so now we get “destruction of nations” and much suffering on the part of the Holy Father ( Benedict XVI). Time to put our sixpacks away and pray I’d say.

  5. Ah, Mundibor. You say like few others do, but so many think.

    I posted yesterday what I entitled “The Moment When Tyrants and Heretics Realize The Jig Is Up” comparing Baldisseri at the family conference when he heard the feedback with Ceausescu when the Romanians began to shout him down, both expecting applause but were stunned by the rejection they heard.

    I see this as the beginning of the end of their disgusting program to transform the Faith. I could be wrong but I am noting many voices rising out there in poignant hard-hitting rebukes, kind of like what you’ve been doing for quite some time!

    As always, please delete this if you don’t want to share on your blog.

    No matter, I am sharing this on mine! Thanks for your voice.

  6. Reblogged this on EX MAGNA SILENTIUM or EX MAGNO SILENTIO and commented:
    Mundibor has been connecting the dots for some time on his blog.

  7. okay…that’s OUT now. we’ll keep tabs on it. How about that Italian actress who was momentary spokesperson for the Woman’s Initiative…?

  8. His predilection for low-life is obvious, all the while shamelessly throwing into the mix the genuinely excluded as a convenient ‘pastoral’ smokescreen. It will be his undoing.
    To quote Abraham Lincoln:
    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”

  9. You’re right, normal men do NOT want to be seen choosing to live under the roof of someone like Ricca, and they certainly don’t make friendly, discreet overtures to ‘unusual’ couples such as the odd wo/men he had visit him last week. At least it shows a casual, comfortable attitude to perversion in general. I know we’ve had bad popes in the past. And of course, it’s not like the last few popes have been shining stars of orthodoxy. Francis has just gone above and beyond the call of liberalism. I’m hoping and praying it will prove too much, even for the mainstream.

  10. And, how could it ever have been otherwise?

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