The Day The Pussycat Roared

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I must say, I am impressed... I must say, I am impressed…

Father Z publishes the translation of the story published by Marco Tosatti on La “Stampa”.  

The extent of the events yesterday cannot be underestimated. It is obvious that a deep malcontent was already there. It is also obvious Francis, Kasper and Baldisseri thought they could keep treating the bishops like the pussycats they have been in the last nineteen months (and for a long time before then). What has happened afterwards could, one day, be remembered as the turning of the tide. 

Notice the dynamic. As rather often in life, it needs for only a few strong men to stand up, and others will find the courage to follow. On this occasion, Cardinal Pell has the honour, though there is no doubt the strong cannon fire from others (I put above all Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Mueller; more worthy of praise because more…

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  1. It was interesting to reread this post, and the comments. I believe we have seen some of that ‘pushback’ by the BofR that was predicted in some comments. He has dismissed more than a couple of tradition-friendly bishops since October. And he seems to be unrelenting toward the FFI. Of course, the horrendous interviews of late have been even worse than I perhaps had anticipated. And Baldisseri’s temper tantrum toward the family organizations who were asked for advice: ‘You don’t call a synod if you don’t plan to change anything!’ These are interesting times. I like to think our prayers and the blogs are helping to galvanize people, and to show the hand of the powers that be. Something is causing an appearance of panic among Francis and his friends. That’s a good thing!

    • Yes, but two or three bishops out of several thousands aren’t even the beginning of an offensive, merely some “settling of bills” against people who had grated him or his.

      He is also not cowing anyone. The posts of th elast weeks shows an abundance of priests defying him even before the Synod.


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