“The Francis Papers” Now Updated To February 2014

The “Francis Papers” page is now updated to February 2014.

It now contains some of the most notable pearls like Jesus “pretending” to be angry, the Blessed Virgin who perhaps thought “Lies! I was deceived!” on the foot of the cross, Francis’ more than vaguely “New Age” statement that you have “strayed from Jesus” if you are sad, and many others.

The list has now grown to dimensions I had not imagined when I started the work. We tend to forget much of the stupid things he says, because some of them are so big that they impress themselves in the public consciousness with particular force. But no, this man has been a subversive, or a cretin, practically  day in and day out since election, and for who knows how long before that.

Francis. The clown that keep on clowning.


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  1. Don´t forget when he knelt to receive the “blessing” of a heretic pastor (presbiterian, i think) when he was archbishop in Buenos Aires.
    And some days ago, when he said that Confession is not a “judicial act”, against what is defined in Trent (Denz, 919)
    You can search for both facts in Google if you wish.

  2. This is Francis with his henchman Volpi, who he sent to destroy the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate:

    Very scary looking person.

  3. Again, thank you for your effort in cataloguing these. It may prove a very important work!

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