Blasphemous Fry Is Just Plain Stupid








Uebersodomite Stephen Fry has just given to us another lesson on “how to go to hell with the express train”.

If you have the stomach to listen to the rubbish above, you will notice the following:

1) Fry is, or so he thinks, utterly superior to God. So much so, that he considers Him “monstrous”, and many other such expressions. The logical impossibility of the very concept escapes him.

2) Fry declares that if he were to discover that God exists, he would not want to enter Paradise “on God’s terms”. Lord, give me strenght! Not only is here another contradiction in terms, but again the proud affirmation that Stephen Fry has made of himself god. This obvious, public, televised self-condemnation to hell does not seem to bother him in the least. Satanic.

3) Fry doesn’t know the first thing about Christianity, because he complains about children suffering, and the like. He talks as if Christians would listen to him and go: “look, he is right! There is suffering in this world! Look at those children suffering! We had not thought of that!”. But in his utter senseless, the man (if I may call him so) states he would prefer the pagan gods of the Greek, because… they have no divine attributes. Sorry, girl, but this is just stupid.

Fry is not an intelligent man. His being the conductor of a TV show in which he gives answers to people which he reads from a paper in front of him makes him appear smart in the eyes of the stupid, but every eight years old with a functioning brain thinks better than he does.

It’s not difficult. If there is a God, this God can only be the very embodiment of all perfections. It must be so, if He is to be God. If there is a Creator, this creator must necessarily be infinitely superior to his creatures: superior not only in wisdom, but in providential goodness.

Therefore, Fry’s answer should have been on the lines of: “I do not think that there is a God because yada yada. But if there is one, it is obvious that He is utterly right and I am utterly wrong, and that I have been evil and blasphemous all my life. The moment I knew that there is a God would be the moment I know that I am not only utterly evil, but utterly screwed”.

Fry isn’t capable, in his childlike arrogance, to think (ahem) straight. He assumes that even if there is a God, this little obese faggot is morally superior to Him. I am sure there are smarter ways to be blasphemous.

This, my dear readers, is a think process common to many perverts. “God says I am an evil bastard, and unless I repent I will go to hell. Therefore, I will erect myself as superior to him, call Him a bastard and, by feeling or at least appearing good, I will for the moment lightly assuage the deep misery of my miserable existence and my very strong hate of myself”.

Satan works in us. He tries to get a foot in the door exploiting our sinful nature. Prayer and a constant effort of a life without sin help us greatly, with God’s grace, to avoid hell. The more we sin, the more we allow Satan to eat our soul like a cancer. In the case of very grave sins – like perversion acted upon – it is clear Satan’s cancer can easily metastasise. In this case, it is very clear it has.

Fry rebels to God by willingly embracing his disgusting sexual perversion. At this point, he has no other choice than either repent, or sink deeper into rebellion. The interview above is the result of a lifetime of disgusting behaviour, and of the rebellion to God this behaviour demands of him if he does not want to reform.

Fry is not an intelligent man. He is, in fact, just plain stupid. He is unable to think logically, and his love for sodomy clouds his judgment in the most obvious way. But as the Country as a whole isn’t much smarter than him he will probably get away with his blasphemous kindergarten slogans, and help those who want to be lost with him to reach their objective.

Pray for this man. Pray for this man. Think of his poor Guardian Angel! This is an immortal soul obviously so ensnared by the Devil, that he openly declares his refusal of even a hypothetical Paradise! (no sodomy there, you see).

Pray for him. But consider that the stench of Reprobation is strong in this one, and warn all those who would express their admiration for Fry who is “oh so intelligent” that the man thinks like a poorly instructed eight years old, but he gets TV time because he happens to be a pervert with some rather good acting skills.









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  1. I’ve never understood why this faggot gets so much attention.

    • He has a natural sympathy that endears him to people. His “Jeeves” from the BBC 1993 series was very good (Hugh Laurie was Bertie Wooster). A good actor, for sure.
      Alas, an idiot in all the rest.

  2. The greatest perversion is deifying ourselves. ” professing to be wise, they became fools” St. Paul wrote. Then it is easy to fall into and justify all kinds of sin.
    Indeed, we should pray for him for three reasons, I think. First, he will not be getting any saving help from Francis ( recall his unholiness’ “doctrine on atheism ). Secondly, some of the best apostles for the Faith are converts from atheism . Last, but not least, because of charity and a desire to see him in Heaven .

    Mundabor. Keep up the good work. Your blog is a strong antidote for the deadly disease of Apostasy.

  3. The procedure goes something like this, I suppose: treat God as your equal, then try to think of what you’d do if you were a ‘nice person’ with omnipotence, then blame God for not being you *terribly illiberal, come to think of it*.
    Why it it that most people who didn’t have sound religious instruction have this strong conviction nowadays that God owes them something? *I used to have it before my conversion*
    For my money, this is the worst, the most absurd ‘entitlement’ conceivable.

    • …treat God as…a ‘nice person’ with omnipotence…. Hilarious! That’s exactly what our liberal ‘friends’ do.

  4. I don’t know who he is, but I’ve met and listened this same crappola from many others. We get this from the entertainers all the time, who believe they have wisdom because they can sing, act, or read well and they insist then that those who appreciate their one talent will want to hear their opinions. Once they do spout off, so many of their “fans” get turned off and cut them out of their lives altogether. Of course, others will applaud and think them profound, but they are they ones who are so steeped in their own sins that they like others in that state. Misery loves company. If we’re all covered in crap, then nobody complains of the foul stench and will call it perfume. Yet, many others who still have their faculties continue to wash and seek out the soap, and avoid the dung the best they can.

  5. Let Pope Francis know you would like him to reaffirm categorically the Catholic teaching that divorced and civilly remarried Catholics cannot receive Holy Communion and that homosexual unions are contrary to Divine and natural law.

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  6. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    “oh so intelligent” and “with T.V. time”.
    and, as St. Paul explains…
    –“Having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their hearts. Who despairing, have given themselves up to lasciviousness, unto the working of all uncleanness..unto covetousness.” (Ephesians 4: 18-19)

  7. Once again,thank you…What would the most convincing line of explanation be to explain why God, in His Permissive Will, allows childhood bone cancer,and insects that cause blindness in impoverished countries, eating away at the cornea from the inside out??

    As these were the gentleman’s passionate reason to believe in God, what would be the best approach?
    Read Job?
    Explain about the Fall?
    Point to a crucifix?

    • I point to Adam and Eve first, and to the crucifix second. This generally leaves people dissatisfied, because they are so nice they would do differently. Then I say that in wanting to do differently, they are just like Adam and Eve.

      I also point out to the infinite value of a soul compared to a short sojourn on earth. St Therese of Lisieux and many other saints died at a very young age. It is not known to me she and they ever complained.

      There is more, of course. Might be worth a blog post some day.


  8. Sorry, that should read,…not to believe in God

  9. Alas, he thinks “love” is nothing more than what I want right now. If he had a proper upbringing, he would know that love is a virtue, that virtue is ordered will according to reality, that affections must follow said will according to truth, or be shown the door. All this, of course, implies freedom, which also makes evil possible, and yes all our evils come ultimately from our first parents, even those nasty flies. Poor bastard.

  10. Strangely enough, Bosco from the Eccles and Bosco blogspot, has done a take on this odious sodomite as well, in the last couple of days. I know what a creep Fry is and he oozes self satisfaction from every fibre of his being.

  11. Here’s a quote from a book you have promoted, Garrigou-Lagrange’s Life Everlasting:

    ‘Now this unbelievable degree of malice manifests by contrast the grandeur of God and of the saints.’ (From chapter V, The Roots of Vice and Virtue.)

  12. This fool has said in his heart (and out loud) there is no God.

  13. How very sad. I see this man projecting his own rage against God “how dare you!” but it’s not childhood cancer (rare, the pain covered by drugs) that he’s angry at…it’s his conscience that continues to poke at him for his sodomy, gluttony and pride. You have to be desperate to use some bizarre African bug nuzzling in a warm place (the human body) as an excuse to reject God. I’m sure those bugs have other spots too but you don’t hear that bit. Mr. Fry has equated pain and suffering as intrinsically evil when it can be used for great good. He is a child inside…angry that he has to suffer anything at all…dieting, sexual continence, or humility. He cannot see the 50,000 foot view b/c he is blind as a bat…iniquity style. And the whole “spend a life on our knees” is typical all-or-nothingism of the emo liberal left. If they understood that “knee time” is power, grace and love all wrapped in beauty they’d shut up already. And don’t believe the “drop God and all will be quiet” bit. He is railing against Him. I have a FB friend who is an atheist and she is in constant terror of death. Prayer for this lost man indeed! God bless~

    • “I’m sure those bugs have other spots too but you don’t hear that bit.”


      And yes, he would never be quiet.

      And by the way, your friend is perfectly right in being in constant terror of death. Unless she converts, of course…


  14. FYI: per wikipedia he is “bipolar” and has tried to commit suicide several times…so again, don’t believe the “stop believing in God and all will be well” tripe. It’s all a mask so he can be a sodomite. How sad…if he only knew some humility he could be healed of bipolar and homosexuality. Prayers would be awesome for him:+) God bless~

    • Yes, this is well known in England.

      When the whining child made his last suicide attempt known, there was a highly-pitched whining from liberal media like “Classic FM”.


  15. I’m starting to believe homos are sick not because of their homosexuality, but they are homos because they are sick. Sick in their minds. They begin as hypersensitive children, often belonging to sick families, then they meet perverts which abuse of them, and they start abusing others, and so on and so forth. A sick brain becomes sicker and sicker, because their habits are, well, sick. They often drink a lot and use drugs a lot, an so after some years they are a complete mess and a waste of men( or women).

    • I am not at all persuaded a homo is someone who has been abused, though it seems there are cases of the sort.

      I see each and every one of us as a citadel, protected by a moat. The devil wants to penetrate the citadel, and seeks ways to get past the moat. Every sexual perversion (homosexuality, incest, bestiality, pedophilia) is a prime vehicle for that.

      Therefore, I would say that a child that has evil or perverted tendencies will be encouraged by the devil to accept and nurture them. Perhaps others like them will come to further deviate them. But I wouldn’t put the cause in any other than themselves.

      What I also think, though, is that sexual perversion puts a huge strain on a person. Disturbances of every kind begins to show to compensate for that. The extreme exhibitionism of many of them (over represented among politicians, actors, people who have a stage) shows a desperate need of self validation, whilst the pressure causes to break and give way to other problems like alcohol, drugs, mental problems of all kind, astonishing frequency of psychosomatic diseases, ultimately suicide. Once the devil is in, he will try to secure his prey more and more.

      Fry’s life must be a living hell. But still a little matter, compared to the real one.


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