Romero: No, The Pinko Is Francis.

Just in case anyone would believe the words of Archbishop Paglia, that it was the Pontiff Emeritus to unblock the beatification of Archbishop Oscar “Che” Romero, please click here. Hat tip to the Pewsitter.

The Archbishop declared himself, on the 20th April 2013 (Hitler’s birthday, by the way) that on the anniversary of the assassination of the Archbishop his beatification was unblocked. The man met with the Pope on the same day, so he knew.

How Paglia can now say an obvious falsehood concerning Romero’s beatification is difficult to understand. He is the very one who gave the announcement. Does he have such a short memory? Does he confuse reality with dreams? Is he, then, fir for the job? Is he, perhaps, just a liar?

My impression is that Francis doesn’t get away with murder anymore as he used to do until October, and his men now try – in a very unintelligent way – to limit the damage by smearing the poor Pontiff Emeritus.

Lies have short legs.

The legs of this lie positively suffer of dwarfism.




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  1. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    We’re wondering why you think Benedict had no part in unblocking Romero’s cause, when the news reported him speaking so positively about it in 2,007? :
    -Catholic World News: “During his May 9, 2007 flight to Brazil the Pope also spoke about Archbishop Oscar Romero.” “Commenting on a new book about the slain archbishop, the Pope said that Archbishop Romero should not be seen simply as a political figure. “He was killed during the consecration of the Eucharist, therefore, his death is testimony of the faith.”
    -Washington Post : “Aboard the Papal Plane to Brazil” Pope Benedict: “I have no doubt he will be beatified. I know that the cause is proceeding well at the Congregation for the Cause of Saints,” (but said he did not have precise information.) “He was certainly a great witness for the faith, a man of great Christian virtue who was committed to peace anad against dictatorship.” Recalling that Romero was assassinated during the Consecration of the Host, he said it was ‘an incredible death.’ -[writer’s note:
    “On this last comment a note, for those who don’t know the Greek word “martyr” means “witness” which hightlights what the pope is saying in regard to Archbishop Romero.”]

  2. Yes, Francis is the Pinko, despite what others, including some ditzy and undiscerning female blogger–at where else? Patheos–proclaim. Thanks for stating the fact.

  3. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    If you wouldn’t mind clarifying a bit, does your response -that ” it was unblocked by Francis” mean you give no credence to the earlier reports quoting Benedict? or something else?

    • Benedict does not say “I have unblocked”.
      Therefore, Benedict has not unblocked.
      Paglia says “today, it was unblocked”. It was the 20 April 2013. Therefore, the unblocking happened on the 20 April 2013, anniversary of Romero’s murder (and of Hitler’s birth). Paglia himself said that.
      I am, in fact, not a little peeved by all this talk according to which every mistake that Benedict made is used to cover the ten times bigger mistakes made by Francis.
      Hindenburg is not Hitler.
      Von Papen is not Hitler.
      Hitler is Hitler.

    • As we say in the US, there are bigger fish to fry.

    • As we say in Italy, there are always bigger fish to fry, and the expression is a convenient way to avoid unpleasant truths.

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