Frankenstein III: A Future Made For Nazis

Lots of friends in the British Parliament: Adolf Hitler.

Lots of friends in the British Parliament: Adolf Hitler.



No, this is not about Frankenstein, or even Frankenstein Junior. This is about the nephew, Frankenstein III.

This is about the many Frankensteins (of sort) about to be genetically engineered in the brave new world of godless stupidity, as voted a couple of days ago by the same British Parliament which already gave us the so-called same-sex marriage.

The new Frankensteins (of sort) will be born with the greatest (attempt at?) DNA manipulation ever devised: the manipulation of human DNA. All in the interest of Progress, of course.

I have three problems with that as per today. Who knows how many others will pop in.

1) Embryos will be destroyed to “donate” the desired DNA parts. That’s a life that gets killed. In the logic of God-given creation it is not really different from murdering someone so that his liver may save the life of another.

A human embryo is a human life. But hey, it’s a tiny one so it doesn’t count, and we will be able to make a lot of noise about “the lives that will be saved”. After all, we legally murder perfectly formed babies in the womb, what’s an embryo? Still, do not be deceived: a life is killed so that another life may live. Life begins at conception.

2) The entire exercise seems to me an exercise in hubris, a disaster waiting to happen. All those who complain about the danger of gen-manipulated soya or mais (and many of the finest liberal minds are fiercely opposed to it) should explain to us how they see the danger of DNA manipulation. But hey, I am not a doctor, so take this as simply the reflection of someone who thinks you shouldn’t play God, because it’s going to haunt you. I merely observe that if in one or five generations it should turned out that the DNA exacts a late revenge for playing God with it, there might be more lives lost than the ones meant to be saved now.

3) I can see a future with very clear Nazi undertones (no, not talking of abortion or euthanasia), in that the manipulations initially made to “save lives” are then unavoidably used to produce aesthetically more desirable specimens. It can, actually, get much worse than that, as I will explain below. I cannot avoid seeing a huge disaster at the end of this road, and I say this irrespective of religious beliefs. It’s like wanting to build a Babel Tower using dynamite sticks as bricks, because you have been told dynamite bricks are very safe if no explosion occurs.

All very unscientific, you will say. Yeah. Common sense, rather. I call it “using one’s brain”


The slippery slope will now take its course. As for divorce, abortion, and more recently euthanasia, once the collective consciousness has accepted the breaking of the first barrier more and more barriers will be broken; they will have to, because the stupid population of Babel will demand a blue-eyed daughter as they demanded abortion for the asking.

Then there are the social implications. A people of Uebermenschen will look with barely hidden contempt at the Untermenschen that have not been “improved”: at the weaker, uglier, less resistent brethren. They will look at them as to an inferior race. The pressure to “improve” one’s children will grow. Nazi Nanny might well make it compulsory. A huge mess in a largely atheist world.

Then there are – probably the most disquieting aspect  – the military implications, with some Countries rushing to create a DNA of warriors better fit for fatigue and combat and, most importantly, more resistant to disease. When they are strong enough, the bacteriological annihilation of the non-genetically manipulated populations through germs to which the Uebermenschen are resistant will be within easy reach. Most people of the pre-Columbian “Civilisations” died not in battle, but because of the germs brought to them by the horses, the mules, and the men from Europe. Go figure what will be possible when true military energy, not a casual encounter of Civilisations, is applied to it.

I wonder how Dr Mengele and his would have welcomed this news. With boundless enthusiasm, I suppose.

Think of the Nazi possibilities!

I cannot but think that Hitler is getting a big posthumous revenge, and the future world is going to become very similar to him. All this, of course, in the pursuit of Progress and because of the adoration of the new idol, Man.



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  1. Yep, Huxley’s “Brave New World” is upon us, and I hope it backfires on [its] would be creators before it goes too far!

  2. Another American Cardinal signals his support for abortion and sodomy:

  3. Mundabor, I hope you are heartened by what is written on Rorate Caeli today about why bloggers must continue to call out evil. You do it so masterfully! Specifically Rorate applauds the calling out of evil coming in our days from Rome and no one does that better than you!

    I see the degradation all about me–this Luciferian Brave New World in large ways and small. Much of it is the circus of the absurd! For example, did you see where the Vaticanista actress Nancy Brillo has her plasticised face bent out of shape because preliminary leaks out ofthe conference on women calls cosmetic surgery a “burqa made of flesh”. That one came back to bite her!

  4. As I write this our neo-pagan Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that physician assisted suicide is now legal in certain cases ( we’ve heard all these lies before ) . Additionally, I was asked at Church a couple of days ago to sign a petition protesting the use fetal stem cells as Canada slips down the slippery slope to Hell in that regard too.
    ” O Canada …God keep our Land…” we sing in our national anthem. Keep us for what?
    God has blessed this country with astonishing beauty and resources. We are incredibly prosperous and until recently dwelt in peace and safety. There is quite literally nothing we lack. Migrants have flocked here over the decades and centuries to start a much better life for themselves and their children. And our thanks to God is ” No thanks! We will not serve!!
    I have never been so disappointed in my country, and truly afraid for my country than today.
    As of this moment we have joined the rest of the Abomi-Nations who along with us await the wrath that God to justly fall upon us. I pray his Warning wake us up first.

  5. For great commentary on cosmetic surgery for vanity purposes and the link to transhumanism of which you speak above see Creative Minority Report’s link to Rebecca Taylor’s blog.

  6. Well said, sir.Well said ,indeed.

  7. The film Gattaca, which is almost 20 years old, illustrates the slippery slope you speak of.

  8. “The slippery slope will now take its course. As for divorce, abortion, and more recently euthanasia, once the collective consciousness has accepted the breaking of the first barrier more and more barriers will be broken…”

    I know you do not like petitions very much but I just wanted to post the list of prominent signers of the Filial Appeal to Pope Francis regarding the Synod and the future of the Family :,3229,c.html

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