Jack Kevorkian Would Have Made The Nazis Proud

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Jack Kevorkian has gone to his Creator or – much more probably, though we can’t know for certain – to Hell.

The National Catholic Register (which is the good “NCR” one) has an interesting article shedding some light into this very, very disquieting personality. The stated aim of the article is to avoid that Kevorkian be, after death, transformed in a kind of gentle soul, an atheist “Father Teresa” ooh so concerned with those who are suffering. Instead, it turns out that Kevorkian was not only in favour of suicide, but also displaying some (very predictable) Nazi traits in the following:

1) the strange (for anyone who is not a Nazi) concept of “obligatory assisted suicide”. This is very interesting. When someone has no choice whether to die or not (say: condemned prisoner), Kevorkian is in favour of forcing him to commit suicide. The man is truly excited…

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